SpotemGottem Arrested Following High Speed Chase in Miami

The 21-year-old's latest arrest comes just over a year after he attempted to flee authorities on a jet ski.

Florida rapper SpotemGottem was arrested Tuesday after he was found in a shed following a high speed chase in North Miami Beach.

SpotemGottem, born Nehemiah Harden, was driving a red Corvette when he was pulled over by Miami-Dade Police officers. The 21-year-old allegedly sped off and fled the scene, striking another car as he tried to get away, according to a police report, obtained by WPLG Local 10.

The Corvette eventually stopped and SpotemGottem attempted to hide from authorities, but was ultimately found.

A search of his Corvette led to the discovery of a black Glock 23 with a rubber grip, along with a device that turns the weapon fully automatic. A .40 caliber magazine with 19 rounds of ammunition was also located in the vehicle.

SpotemGottem has been charged with eluding the police, resisting a police officer, possession of a short barrel shotgun, rifle, or machine gun, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and burglary, according to XXL. He has been placed on a $22,000 bond.

This isn't the first time SpotemGottem has valiantly tried to evade the police until officers spotted and got him. Harden was charged with eluding a law enforcement officer by boat in June 2022 when he made a break for it after being pulled over for speeding on a jet ski. The "BeatBox" MC was allegedly weaving around swimmers and boats while authorities were in pursuit.

An AR-15 was allegedly found on him at the time of that arrest.

SpotemGottem sustained gunshot wounds to both of his legs in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles in June 2021. A member of the rapper's legal team said he was leaving the studio when his vehicle was riddled with at least 22 bullets on the driver's side.

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