Meek Mill Thinks Newly Recorded Album Intro Outdoes Iconic “Dreams and Nightmares"

Believe it or not, "Dreams and Nightmares" appeared on his debut album of the same name 11 years ago.

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Meek Mill set the bar incredibly high for album intros when he created the song "Dreams and Nightmares." Even for himself.

Meek posted a message on Wednesday declaring that the recently-recorded intro for his upcoming album will "top 'Dreams and Nightmares,'" adding, "Nobody can tell me different but the streets!"

The 36-year-old promised he'll drop it "b4 my album."

While you have to appreciate his confidence, it's going to be difficult to do better than one of the greatest rap album openers of all time. "Dreams and Nightmares" has not only maintained its popularity a decade after its release, the song was embraced by his hometown NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, as their unofficial anthem.

"Dreams and Nightmares" has shown that it can appeal to people from all walks of life, as evident by the clip below showing Indianapolis Colts controversial owner Jim Irsay catch the spirit while listening to the song inside the team's locker room after a victory last month.

Twitter: @JimIrsay

"Dreams and Nightmares" has reached a level of long-term cultural success that most rappers could only dream of. DJ Drama suggested Lil Uzi Vert's "Just Wanna Rock" was the new anthem for Philadelphia and the Eagles last year, but Uzi pushed back on the claim because it was "too early to tell."

"I don’t think so," Uzi said. "That song like been around for a very long time, and that song is still hitting exactly the same way. I'm just gonna have to see, you know, in a couple of years or a decade or whatever."

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