Drake Shares Videos Showing Adonis Hooked on Singing '21, Can You Do Something for Me?'

The Toronto native's son attended his show in Inglewood on Saturday, leading his dad to caption his latest post, "Comes to one Drake show..."

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Drake's son Adonis cannot get that infamous line from "Rich Flex" out of his head.

Adonis attended Saturday's show in Inglewood—the one, you may recall, where Drake asked the crowd to not throw bras on stage because his 5-year-old son was in attendance for the first time. It now appears Adonis cannot stop saying, "21, can you do something for me?"

Drake shared two videos on his Instagram Stories Thursday, the first showing Adonis reciting the line while holding a hand-made card that appears to read, "Dad I hope you have a great concert."

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Drake posted another video of Adonis seemingly imitating his father's stage energy as he stood and jumped on a couch while continuing to recite the line, with a caption reading, "Comes to one drake show..."

The Toronto native discussed the "polarizing" response to the line in December. "I was just like, you know what, I understand after all these years that, I feel like I have a polarizing presence," he said. "I’m almost a character in people’s movies and therefore there’s a running a dialogue. There’s jokes, you’re either the villain to some people or hero to some people. It is what it is, it just comes with the territory."

As for his request to stop throwing bras onstage with his son watching, Drake's father more than made up for the drought that day by surprising him with a comically large bra, commissioned by Toronto-based designer Zoba Martin, during Wednesday's show. The gift came with a note from Dennis, who was "wishing 'BIG' things" for his son.

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