Bobby Shmurda Explains Why He Won’t Join Meek Mill in Fight for Criminal Justice Reform

"I can talk to the kids, but I ain't about to be sitting here protesting," he said.

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Bobby Shmurda called into SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation where he spoke with host Swaggy Sie about the possibility of aligning himself with Meek Mill in his fight for criminal justice reform. Bobby wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea, explaining that while he respects what Meek is doing, he believes that the pattern of an unfair justice system will only continue. 

"Like I tell people all the time, I respect what he's doing. I can't do it though," he said. "I can talk to the kids, but I ain't about to be sitting here protesting and politicking for no motherf*cking cops because them mtherf*ckers don't care. They been killing motherf*ckers since Rodney King."

"I tell people all the time, like a positive person I've seen, like Martin Luther King," Shmurda added. "I love what Martin Luther King did. I respect him because I couldn't do it. Motherfuckers hitting him with rocks, doing all types of shit, and he stayed positive. I can't do it, know what I mean? I'll come talk to the kids. That's about it. But I respect everything that they do."

When Swaggy Sie suggested that Shmurda's current mindset may have once mirrored that of Meek once upon a time before he decided to take action, he wasn't too receptive to the suggestion. "I understand what you saying, but it's not even about me going through shit," he said. "It's about what they been doing for years. Shit ain't gonna change because motherf*ckers start talking about it, we gotta take action."

"But these motherfuckers ain't gonna listen," he continued. "They been beating Rodney King, they been killing motherf*ckers for how long? They been getting the same results. This sh*t is crazy. The most I can tell them is stay up outta jail, and get some money in they pocket that's about it."

Shmurda is expected to be released from prison in late 2020.

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