03 Greedo Says He Plans to Have 30 Albums Done Before Going to Prison

03 Greedo delves into his upcoming 20-year sentence in prison, and how the expected jail time has impacted his music creating process.

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03 Greedo recently stopped by Power 106 Los Angeles to speak with the L.A. Leakers as he nears his 20-year prison sentence for drug and gun charges this summer. Even though Greedo’s team hopes to have his sentence reduced to five years on good behavior, he’s putting in the work to make sure that his fans have enough music to keep them entertained regardless of how much time he spends behind bars.

“I got 10 albums right now that ain’t out,” 03 Greedo said. “And I’ma have 30 before I go in. God Level finna come in a minute. That’s why I dropped the single ‘Fortnite,’ and I’m finna drop like two more singles probably next week.” While Greedo wouldn’t divulge all the projects that he has in the works at the moment, he did reveal that he’s chosen to pump out music at an extraordinary rate, as opposed to dealing with his emotions in a more destructive manner.

“I got so much music by myself,” he admits. “I do like 15 songs a night, but I mean, certain times I’ll be doing special projects with certain people, so it’ll be a little slower ‘cause I work kinda too fast. But when you got a type of stuff I got on my mind, you just gotta get it out or else I’ma be in the streets getting my anger out in a different way.”

03 Greedo says that his attention to detail with every song means that every one of the 15 tracks he’s making every night will be heard by his fans. When those songs will be released all depends on his team, and with a lengthy prison sentence on the horizon, it’s probably best to space the projects out as much as possible.

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