Watch Chance the Rapper Sing Happy Birthday to Beyoncé at Made in America

Watch Chance the Rapper sing a special version of "Happy Birthday" to Beyoncé during his performance at Made in America.

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Chance the Rapper took singing "Happy Birthday" to a whole new level on Sunday when he lead his Made In America audience in a huge birthday serenade to Beyoncé, who was watching in the crowd with her husband and festival curator Jay Z. The Chicago rapper changed the song up by dropping his own, jazz-inflected birthday song. "Happy Birthday Yoncé. Auntie, it's your birthday," he sang. According to Chance, the rendition of the song was inspired by Bart Simpson and Michael Jackson's birthday song for Lisa Simpson.

The only thing better might be Beyoncé's reaction to the whole thing. As Chance lead the crowd in a huge birthday serenade, Bey held onto Jay Z and swayed back and forth before putting her hands on her heart and hiding her head in Jay's shoulder. She then clapped for Chance as everyone screamed "happy birthday" in her direction.

It's no secret that Chance and Beyoncé have a special relationship. He lovingly referred to her as Aunti Yoncé in Coloring Book cut "All We Got." She also made a special cameo during Chance's interview at the recent Video Music Awards. As Chance was talking to the camera, she came up behind him and put her head on his shoulder. Of course, when Chance turned and saw it was actually Bey, he had pretty much the best reaction ever. He then danced around the interviewer and yelled "This my life!" before running off.

Watch Chance honor his Auntie Yoncé below and check out what else has been going down at Made in America over the weekend, including a visit from former president Bill Clinton, an interesting request from Jay Electronica, and more right here.

chance is singing a cute rendition of happy birthday to auntie yoncé #madeinamerica
Beyoncé's reaction when @chancetherapper sung happy birthday to her #MadeInAmerica
The inspiration for my @Beyonce birthday song last night:

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