Stage collapses are no joke. For instance, in 2011, at the Indiana State Fair, 7 people were killed and another 58 were injured after the stage came down. More recently, more than a dozen people were hurt when a fence in front of a stage gave way during a Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa show. During his set at the Made in America Festival yesterday, Jay Electronica reportedly encouraged nearly 1,000 people to come up and help him collapse the stage.

“Let’s try to collapse this motherfucking stage. Let’s try to tear this bitch down," Electronica said. "If you're scared stay down there. If you're not scared, come up here with me.”

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, almost 1,000 fans took the rapper up on his request and bum-rushed the stage. Electronica was reportedly set off when Lil Uzi Vert happened to walk by as he was performing, taking attention away from Jay's show. It seems like the invitation for destruction was his way of getting all eyeballs back on him. Security tried to prevent as many fans as they could from joining Jay before the cops were called in to clear the area out. No arrests were made.

Even though they go back a long way, it's probably safe to assume that Jay Z, the Made in America Festival curator, ain't going to be too happy about this one.