Tupac's Handwritten Lyrics Are Selling for a Cool $40K

Tupac's handwritten lyrics of "Catchin' Feelings" can be yours for $40,000.

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Tupac's handwritten lyrics of ​"Catchin Feelings" from 2002's Better Dayz album are reportedly on sale for $38,500. According to TMZ, memorabilia company Moments in Time is selling the authentic lyric sheet that was obtained by an ex-employee at a studio where Tupac recorded the song. The employee has held on to the piece of memorabilia since 1996.

The announcement that the handwritten lyrics are up for grabs comes at a sensitive time, as the 20th anniversary of Tupac's death is Sept. 13. The lyrics are reportedly not the only Tupac item that Moments In Time will be selling.

The company has sold several items once belonging to Tupac and still has several items belonging to the late icon on their site available for purchase. Earlier this year, the site posted a handwritten love letter from Tupac to a girl named Beethoven, who was in his drama class back in high school, for $35,000. One of the priciest items currently on the site is a handwritten letter addressed to former Death Row Uncut magazine editor Nina Bhadreshwar that Tupac reportedly wrote while in prison serving time on sexual assault charges. The letter is going for an incredible $225,000.

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Over the past few years, handwritten notes and lyrics from Tupac have been popping up everywhere, and include three poems by a 17 year-old Tupac that surfaced thanks to Pac's first manager. Another instance involved someone allegedly came into some Tupac merch after they answered an ad for baseball cards, after which it was revealed the seller's dad reportedly worked with Tupac back in the day.

If one thing from these price tags is clear, it's that there are definitely people out there willing to spend a lot of money for a piece of history.

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