Drake and Jennifer Lopez's Cozy Pic Has Everyone Freaking Out

Drake and J. Lo posted the same cuddling picture to Instagram and social media immediately went off.

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Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been fueling dating rumors for weeks, but the pair basically made their relationship Instagram official Monday morning. Both of them posted the same picture cuddling on a couch with no caption. They really didn't need a caption though because social media did the work for them and immediately began to pop off with a mix of speculation, congratulations, and accusations of fake love.

Drake fucking J Lo now 🐐🐐
"Rihanna to JLo"
When you saw the picture of Drake and JLo pic.twitter.com/FrJwNQx9SC
The way Drake bear hugging J Lo I don't blame him.
IF the Drake and J Lo rumors are true than Drake is officially the goat. Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, that's legendary status.

Then there's Joe Budden, who pointed out on Twitter that today is the anniversary of the club shooting involving Puff Daddy, J. Lo, and Shyne. "I'm sure it’s pure coincidence today is the anniversary of the Puff/Shyne/JLo incident… pure coincidence," he tweeted. He wasn't the only one to bring it up, either.

I’m sure it’s pure coincidence today is the anniversary of the Puff/Shyne/JLo incident… pure coincidence

Budden also had some more hilarious reactions involving Puff and his wishes for a Drake "Waiting for Tonight" remix.

Puff gonna kill Drake lol
Fuck the pic, that “Waiting For Tonight” remix bout to be LIT!!!!!
I’m playing but he’s kill that shit

Check out more reactions below.

It's crazy how that pic of drake and j.lo surfaced today 👀👀 Shyne on his way from Belize https://t.co/ABgtvuCy5q
i forgot J LO existed😅 guess drake made her more relevant now😬
#Drake is soft as shit, Nicki would've ate him alive. J. Lo is perfect cause she's experienced 😭😭😭
Now Drake & J Lo are goals....🤔🙄YALL mad fucking weird
Drake and J.Lo? Please let this be a joke...
You can't even hate on Drake anymore. He pulled J. Lo.
Drake With J.Lo Now, This Man Don't Know What He Want 😂 He About To Start Making Spanish Music Now
Drake and J LO what a joke HAHA oh well wish them the best
Drake's manager sat him down and said his numbers are generally high except the Latino demographic. J Lo got that "hey bighead" dm same day
That drake photo with J Lo, that look of pure victory in his eyes. Gotta rate him.
Drake has been low key planning his move on j-lo pic.twitter.com/ihRXtWe9LT
Drake got Rihanna and J-Lo in the same year pic.twitter.com/6AqfGodoyG
J lo like every other Spanish girl out there about to use this nigga Drake to become relevant again lol
Me when JLo and Drake posted those pictures on Instagram pic.twitter.com/KyFE6z0iOE
I'm officially convinced @Drake is a goat after wifing up J.Lo. 🐐 #MoreLife
Drake man smh.... u know he gone have some ELITE bars in reference to J.Lo on More life

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