Jeremih Finally Delivers His 'Late Nights' Album

The Chicago singer finally releases a new album.

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After a handful of delays and months of fans left in the dark, Jeremih's Late Nights album is officially here. The release comes after weeks of buildup in the form of stellar single releases like "Oui," "Impatient," and "Pass Dat." The album includes features from FutureBig SeanTwistaMigosYG, and more. 

In June Jeremih spoke with Spin about the album's delay, saying, "I’m aware that it’s been five years since I dropped an album. I’m aware that because I’ve been putting out songs, publications are guessing when my album is coming out. I’m aware of all different types of shit. What I don’t think people are aware of is that a lot of that time, in a lot of those cases, it wasn’t my fault, you know what I’m saying?” Thankfully the wait is over so we don't have to play the blame game any longer. 

Hit up iTunes here for the album and revisit Complex's F1RST documentary about the Chicago singer right here.

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