Watch Adele Go Undercover As An Adele Impersonator

Adele pranks some of her fans with a clever disguise.

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With her new album released yesterdayAdele is now promoting a big live special with BBC in which she'll perform in London and grant an interview to Graham Norton tonight. To stir up some excitement for the event, BBC just released a short clip of Adele pranking some of her biggest fans by going undercover as an Adele impersonator in a fake reality show audition. 

The 25 singer—herself impersonating a contestant named Jenny with some clever makeup—totally fools a group of impersonators backstage, even egging them on as they complain about having to wait so long for the album. "She's taking her time," Adele says of herself before owning the stage and wowing the contestants with her real voice. 

Head over to BBC here to watch the whole thing, and catch up on the album here.


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