Premiere: Alt-Pop Duo Slenderbodies Just Want To "Belong" On Joyous New Single

It's only a matter of time before this one conquers the charts.

As humans, it's our natural instinct to want to strive for a sense of belonging; and, as the world becomes more fractured, that feeling has never been felt more than today. So step forward, California-based alt-pop duo Slenderbodies who are today releasing the video for their charming new single, "Belong". Over a lilting pop melody and a subtle but infectious groove, singer Max Vehuni's disarming falsetto vocals yearn for that very feeling of community. Over the past four years or so, Vehuni and Benji Cormack have been working tirelessly to build up an impressive fanbase and millions of streams. Although their runaway 2017 hit "Anemone" currently stands as their most popular hit to date (24 million Spotify streams and counting), there's no reason at all that this highly relatable new single can't knock it off the top spot.

"'Belong' is so many things to us. It's this fun dancey record, but that carefree feeling is all built from the concept of the song. 'Belong' is about the warmth and fullness we got from vibrant enriching communities, how those communities intertwined us with nature and ultimately brought us to a place of peacefulness with our identities to be able to feel like we belong anywhere."

Take in the stunning Pulse Films visuals at the top.

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