Premiere: Dornik Taps Taylor Graves For Glistening 'LIMBOLAND' Single "You Got It"

'LIMBOLAND' drops May 22.


Image via Publicist


On May 22, 'electronic soul' maestro Dornik will release his new album LIMBOLAND, his first full-length project since 2015's self-titled debut.

We got our first taste of the Londoner's album last week with "Galaxxy" and "Crush"; the former was an upbeat introduction that balanced Dornik's airy, soulful vocals against fast-paced lyricism from his fellow Truth Movementer Skripture, while the latter was a dreamy, almost psychedelic example of how much Dornik's sound has evolved in the intervening years. Now he's back with the next single, "You Got It", a glistening piece of futurism that glides with a smooth, effortless charm.

Dornik always stood out for his phenomenally high production values and detailed soundscapes, but so far these few glimpses of the new album suggest that every facet of that has been scaled up. After five years, you might have thought the singer-producer was under a lot of pressure to live up to his debut, but so far it looks like he's got nothing to worry about.

Speaking with Complex about the track's meaning, Dornik explained, "You invest so much time and energy into relationships that when they end, you can still feel that pull. 'You Got It' is about freeing yourself from those negative patterns, and painful demands, and going your own way."

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