Photo of Meek Mill Holding Hands With Monkey and Looking Confused Has the Internet Making Jokes

It's monkey business in a recent picture with Meek and a zoo animal.


Meek Mill shared a Tarzan moment with a primate during a trip to Dubai.

In two Instagram posts, the Dream Chasers Records founder shared images of himself having fun with friends in Dubai and paying a visit to a zoo in the popular United Arab Emirates city. In one shot, Meek looks confused while clasping the hand of a monkey sitting in the passenger seat of a Rolls-Royce. Other animals the Too Good to Be True co-rapper encountered during the visit were a giraffe and a tiger, which wore a chain with the image of the late Lil Snupe.

Social media had a lot to say about the front-seat monkey, some joking about Meek losing shotgun to a primate.


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"This the sober meek 'no weed' with the energy vibessssss!" Meek captioned the second post, likely referencing him giving up marijuana after Snoop Dogg said he'd be giving up smoke—although the Long Beach rapper later revealed it to be untrue.

"Ima wuit [sic] once I go cold in Dubai," Meek wrote on X after Snoop announced that he was "giving up smoke." "Snoop start the no smoking challenge we gone follow up! It’s not healthy for me!"

The Philadelphia native added that he'd be dropping the habit due to having "a lil bit [of] emphysema" and that smoking shortens "lifeline in half."

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