Offset Is Not Drake, Nonchalantly Tosses Bra Fan Threw at His Face During Concert

The Atlanta rapper rejected a fan's offering during the Detroit stop of his Set It Off tour.

Robert Okine / Getty Images

Offset wasn't with the bra-tossing shenanagians during a recent stop of his Set It Off tour.

In a clip of Offset's concert at The Fillmore in Detroit, the rapper was performing a live rendition of "ZEZE" when a woman tossed her bra onto the stage. When the undergarment landed on Offset's face and microphone, he appeared disgusted, immediately dropping it before continuing with the performance.

Perhaps the Georgia native didn't want to send the wrong signal to his wife, Cardi B, with whom he's seemed to have reconciled with after their separation last year. The couple went out to dinner on Valentine's Day, shortly before Cardi dropped her "Like What" music video, directed by Offset.

Offset won't be drawing any comparisions to Drake, who has repeatedly invited women to toss their oversized bras to him at concerts, collecting them up to a size H during the It's All a Blur tour in 2023. Towards the end of the tour's run, Drake's father, Dennis Graham, even gifted him a massive custom-made bra.

“Oh, this is from my dad? Oh, this is from my father, my father made this for me,” Drake said on-stage after being surprised with the bra during a concert in Inglewood last August. “‘Dad’s wishing ‘BIG’ things for you. I love you and making sure you’re breastfed correctly!’ What’s wrong with this man?”

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