Lily Allen Reveals She Once Had an Onstage Diarrhea Emergency During Concert: 'I Was Desperate to Go to the Toilet'

The "Smile" singer wasn't laughing when she had to run offstage to handle a bathroom emergency.

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British singer Lily Allen didn't hold back as she shared her "crappy" onstage mishap on her BBC Radio podcast Miss Me? with longtime friend Miquita Oliver.

The pair based their latest episode on stories about poop, responding to callers with testimonies about their embarrassing situations around the topic. Around the 10-minute mark, Oliver and Allen were discussing some of their most traumatic memories around poop, the latter revealing that she had full-blown diarrhea during a concert.

"I’ve had diarrhea once when I was on stage. That was a bit of a disaster," Allen told Oliver, adding that she hadn't eaten because her "stomach was dodgy."

"During the show, I'd obviously been drinking," she continued. "And when I had to come off for the encore, I was desperate to go to the toilet."

The wild event occurred while Allen was "somewhere in Canada," where, after she left the stage, the singer "ran up to the stairs to the toilet, sat on the toilet, the heavens opened, shall we say."

"I just remember sitting on the toilet and thinking, 'Oh my God. This isn’t stopping,' and then suddenly hearing [the crowd repeat], 'Lily! Lily! Lily! Lily! Lily!'"

The chants were getting mortifyingly "louder and louder and louder," although Allen's bowel movement was "just not stopping." "It just would not stop," she recalled.

But the cheers soon subsided, with the show having a "hilarious" end. "Eventually it did, and the 'Lily! Lily! Lily!' had sort of died down, and I started panicking, thinking, 'Oh my God. People are going to be leaving. They're thinking I’m not coming out for the encore,'" continued Allen, "and then I came out, and I was just straight with everyone. I said, 'I'm really sorry. I've got diarrhea.'"

Thankfully, Allen seemed to be healthy while hitting the stage with Olivia Rodrigo earlier this month in London, just two years after the artists performed together at Glastonbury Festival.

Olivia Rodrigo brought out Lily Allen to sing “Smile” during her concert in London! #GUTSWorldTourLondon

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Olivia Rodrigo & Lily Allen reunite with a duet of ‘Smile’ for tonight’s GUTS tour show in London.

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