Lil Wayne on Activating Another Version of Himself for Features: ‘I Don’t Know That Guy, I Just Know That He Always Comes Through’

There's another side to Weezy F. Baby.

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Lil Wayne has alternate versions of himself. He's been a self-proclaimed "monster," "Martian," and "president," but it's all intentional, especially when it comes to features.

During a recent episode of his Apple Music show Young Money Radio, Lil Wayne brought on his "Brand New" collaborator Tyga as a guest and discussed his recipe for becoming a different version of himself for features.

"When it comes to them verses and them features, you already know. It's a certain—I admit it's a me that I turn on for features that I do not know what the hell goes on," Weezy said around the 22:45-minute mark above. "I don’t know that guy, I just know that he always comes through."

The portion of the conversation began when Wayne referenced André 3000's comments about not having anything to rap about at 48 years old. "They would ask, 'Why you ain't been doing music,' and [3000] was like, 'Man what am I gonna talk about? I'm in my 40s, like what am I going to talk about? What you want to know about me being 40 and the life I'm living?' ... I was like, that's so depressing, I have everything to talk about."

And Tha Carter hasn't missed a beat throughout his extensive career. Throughout the summer, he embarked on the Welcome to Tha Carter Tour, and he's currently on the road to support Welcome 2 Collegrove, his latest album with 2 Chainz.

In August, the five-time Grammy Award-winner was inducted into Billboard's Hip-Hop Hall of Fame alongside Nas.

“Just another footnote, I ain’t stopping. They told me what time to be here, I was in the studio. They told me when I can leave, I’ll be going back to the studio," Wayne said in his acceptance speech.

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