Premiere: T.I.'s Kids King and Domani Link for "Father Like Sons" Collab

"Pops taught me how to stand up for myself and take no sh*t and that’s who I am regardless of where I’m from," King tells Complex about the new track featuring his older brother.

The Harris family collides on a new song.

On Wednesday, T.I.'s sons King Harris, 19, and Domani, 22, released the single "Father Like Sons," their first official collab. Premiering on Complex, the King-led, Domani-featuring track sees them comparing their experiences to the Urban Legend MC.

"This shit just run in the family, I ain't cappin' n***a/I got that side of my pops, I ain't actin' n***a," raps King, who is retiring his Kid Saiyan moniker in 2024.

At the two-minute mark, Domani takes the mic, rapping, "I'm just so much like my daddy, can't ignore it no more, how much more do you want?/They call it rap, I call it breathing, I'm achieving much mo'."

Listen to the song below.


King said in a statement, "'Father Like Sons' describes my life off of the camera and the person that I am independently. On this record I share genuinely how I am, I get it from my Pops who instilled this into me as a youngin. I was smaller than everyone and in public school by myself with nobody but me, and my brothers were at their mom house goin' to different schools. Pops taught me how to stand up for myself and take no shit and that’s who I am regardless of where I’m from, and what I come from. I stand on my 10 I was trained like that!! I’M NOT NO GANGSTA, NOT NO THUG, NOT DA TOUGHEST, but I STAND ON BUSINESS!!! I ain’t gotta act to be nothing. At da end of da day it’s in me not on me, IF U KNOW ME U KNOW, IF U DON'T GOOD."

Social media has been having had a field day discussing T.I.'s three eldest sons, as his oldest, Messiah Harris, 23, is a country and blues musician who goes by Buddy Red. King and Domani have embraced their older brother's talent, giving Messiah room to shred over Domani's track "Hiya."


#duet with @messiah_harris Buddy Red different 🔥🔥 HIYA remix? 🥋👊🏼

♬ original sound - Buddy Red
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Messiah do too he makes rock music under the name Buddy Red

— ROSEBUDD 🌹🌹 (@rosebuddshawty) November 28, 2023
@rosebuddshawty (X)

Meanwhile this is what T.I & Tiny's other sons are doing

— Ichigo Niggasake (@SomaKazima) November 28, 2023
@SomaKazima (X)

After King's now-viral altercation involving T.I. and his mother, Tiny, last weekend, the 19-year-old has patched things up with his father. In a new Complex GOAT Talk sit-down, the two discussed their favorite Atlanta slang, rappers-turned-actors, ideal Waffle House meals, and more.

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Domani will drop his new EP Before the Ink Dry this Friday, Dec. 1, and is planning to release an album in 2024.

"I fell in love with music when pops got out of [jail]," Domani told XXL in 2018. "When I was in the studio with him, seeing him making this music, and then when it finally got out, seeing how the people took it, how it affected the world, I fell in love with it. I realized my voice could travel so far."

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