Summer Walker on ‘Stalkers’ Obsessing Over Her Private Life Instead of Music: ‘I Legit Hate This Job’

Summer Walker took to Instagram to share her frustrations with her career, talking about how she's tired of the "stalkers being obsessed with my private life."


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Artists often grow to have a begrudging relationship with music because of all the negative things that come with the fame they never asked for. Summer Walker is feeling the brunt of this pressure lately, as the new mother took to Instagram to share her frustrations with her job.

The vocalist used her Instagram Stories to share the issues she’s faced around people obsessed with what she’s doing beyond music.

“I legit hate this job,” she wrote. “Lol why can’t I just put out music w out stalkers being obsessed with my private life. I need to start figuring out my next job.”

While it’s not fully clear if Summer was serious about trying to figure her “next job,” the sentiment she shared is not uncommon. Rap-Up also pointed out Summer said something like this back in 2019 and had to cancel her tour due to extreme social anxiety because people weren’t respecting her space.

“I’m an empath, and that transference of energy from that many people each day would literally KILL me,” she explained at the time. “So I ask you please respect my space in those moments.”

Fans too often feel overly entitled to an artist’s time. When Teyana Taylor said she wanted to step away from music at the end of last year, her followers were in an uproar. Their biggest concern was arguably the prospect of no longer getting music from her, not the fact that she felt unappreciated.

At the end of the day, artists don’t owe us anything. They’re real people with real lives. People like Summer signed up to make songs, not get stalked.

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