Polo G Bought His Mom a New House

As a way to show his gratitude, Polo G bought his mother the mansion of her dreams, which he said is even nicer than the one he lives in now.

Polo G attends Power 105.1'S Powerhouse 2019

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Polo G attends Power 105.1'S Powerhouse 2019

Polo G grew up in the North Side of Chicago at the Marshall Field Garden Apartments housing projects with his mother, father, and three other siblings. Now that he's blossomed into a young rap heavyweight, he's decided to use his success to drastically change the living situation for his family by buying his mother a brand new mansion.

Polo's mother (and manager) Stacia Mac shared the news via Instagram, highlighting how meaningful this gesture was to her in a heartfelt caption. 

"As my son @polo.capalot embarked on his career, as a professional recording artist, he promised he’d Create a life for our family free of struggle and/or lack," she wrote. "I decided to relocate to ATL in September 2020. Today my son purchased my dream home!"

Mac continued, "I showed him the home and he didn’t flinch. His response was 'what you need?' To say I’m appreciative is an understatement. Thank you son! Thank you for being a man of your word. Thank you for giving me things, that at times, I was unable to provide you or myself. I love you and I’m eternally grateful."

Polo G's mom has been posting about the new mansion in Atlanta all week, sharing her excitement on the timeline. Mac also talked about what it was like for her to move to Atlanta back in September, and how her family supported her the entire way.

Polo G even joked on Twitter that the home he bought his mom is bigger than his own.

Lol I just bought my mama a crib bigger then mines wtf😭

— Polo.G🐐 (@Polo_Capalot) February 3, 2021

Stacia Mac has spoken at length about her work managing her 22-year-old son’s career, telling DJ Booth a year ago that she’s taken inspiration from momagers like Tina Knowles. "I told him he had one year to make it big. Otherwise, he’d go to school. And so said, so done. It wasn’t even a full year before he had a major record deal." She also shared, "When he tells a story, it hits close to home because I can hear the pain in his voice. As much as you want to shelter your kids, some things can’t be helped. I’m so grateful he was able to turn his pain into passion because there are so many children like him.”

Her biggest advice for Polo G at this moment is, as she told Formidable Woman magazine in October, "Stay true to yourself. Value quality over quantity. Give your craft your all and reap the return on investment."

Looks like it's working.

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