Logic Says His 'Lowest Point' Was When He Was at His 'Most Famous'

Logic joined Big Boi on Real 92.3 to talk about his final album 'No Pressure,' his struggles with fame, and how he's been able to get through scrutiny.

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In the wake of his final album, No Pressure, Logic joined Big Boi on the Real 92.3 to talk about what his life after rapping will look like, the inspiration behind some of the songs on the project, and everything that he has learned over his long career.

When discussing his career, Logic touched on how his notoriety skyrocketed after the release of his song "1-800-273-8255," which was dedicated to suicide prevention, but also how with that new level of fame came a new level of scrutiny as well.

"The thing is, before '1-800' popped off on the Everybody album I was just a known rapper," he says. "But I went from that to a pop, known... And then when you do that I'm like, 'Oh ok, now I get it Selena [Gomez], now I get it Justin [Bieber], ok I get it, Taylor [Swift]. Like, I get it, dog. Like, ya'll get it, y'all get ripped apart."

This reflection would also lead Logic to talk about a moment where he had to step off stage during a show in Pittsburg back in 2017 because he was just so overwhelmed from everything going on around him. He clarified that he didn't have a "mental breakdown," but rather a "mental breakthrough" and realized what was important to him and what wasn't in that moment. He also said that the track "Dark Places" off No Pressure was inspired by moments like that as well, realizing that he wasn't in a healthy place mentally or emotionally but being able to get out of it.

Later on in the interview, Logic also talks about how the fame he's amassed over the years did not equate to happiness, and that he learned from that.

"My lowest point, my deepest, darkest, depressed state that I've ever been in was my most famous, my most wealthy, my most known," he said. "People don't understand that. Would I do it all over again? Yes, because I made it here and I'm still fighting and learning every day."

He went on to say that he thinks it's because of this that he also has such a loyal fan base, because he has always remained his most authentic self in his music and how he carries himself. You can watch the entire interview between Big Boi and Logic up top.

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