Lil Durk and Blueface Continue Clowning 6ix9ine for Low First Week Projections

As the first-week projections for Tekashi 6ix9ine's latest album 'TattleTales' continue to dip, Lil Durk and Blueface continue to troll him about it.


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As the first-week projections for 6ix9ine's latest album TattleTales continue to dip, the rap world has taken notice—Lil Durk and Blueface especially. The two have been trolling the rapper all week, and as his numbers drop lower the jokes just keep coming.

On Wednesday afternoon, Akademiks cited a comment Blueface left under his post highlighting how 6ix9ine used to scoff at rappers who did 45K in their first week—which may be about to happen to Tekashi—saying "boy did they humble this man."

Durk followed up by commenting under that post, saying "I did."

Blueface also responded to comments 6ix9ine made during an interview he did with Logan Paul on his Impaulsive podcast. Blueface fired back after 69 claimed he was his "son," saying, "Dam he fell off somebody on his team kiss him on his forehead for me tell em it will be okay just drop a few hot singles an they'll forget about it all this explaining he doing looks worse just dont tell on me."

These are just the latest jabs the two rappers have sent 6ix9ine's way.

When the news initially broke that TattleTales' numbers might have dropped considerably, Blueface and Durk both commented about it under another one of Akademiks' posts. Blueface commented, "Dam 69 fell off," and Durk later wrote, "This what happens when you go against the voice lol ima [out] sell him with my eyes closed."

Lil Tjay and Trippie Redd also subtly joined in on the clowning.

In comparison to 6ix9ine's first-week projections, Lil Durk's most recent album Just Cause Y'all Waited 2 moved 57,000 units in its first week, while Trippie Redd's 2019 project A Love Letter to You 4 debuted at No. 1 with 104,000 album equivalent units earned.

TattleTales was initially projected to move upwards of 150,000 album equivalent units in its first week, but now those numbers have dropped drastically to around the 50K mark. Hits Daily Double reported that, as of Wednesday, the project was expected to do around 55-65K. Big Sean's album Detroit 2, on the other hand, is projected to move around 110,000-115,000 units in its first week. The two records both dropped on Friday.

On the flip side, it appears the entire hip-hop world isn't against the colorful-haired rapper. Lil Xan was stopped by TooFab and talked about how he would "definitely team up with 6ix9ine" in the future.

“I like what he’s doing. I know he gets a lot of hate, but he’s super successful, and I’m not one to hate on success," Xan said. "I know he did a lot of stuff that people necessarily don’t like, but that’s not really, you know, part of what my culture is, you know? I’m not in the street, I’m not in a gang—and I respect that, I respect what they do. But I just see like success. ... Maybe I don’t agree with what he did, but I like him."

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