Kanye West's 'Free Larry Hoover' Concert Will Reportedly Stream in IMAX Theaters

Kanye West's 'Free Larry Hoover' benefit concert will be streamed in IMAX theaters. The event will also include Drake as a featured performer.

Kanye free larry hoover show imax

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Kanye free larry hoover show imax

Kanye West and Drake are preparing to share the same stage for the first time since squashing their longstanding beef at the Free Larry Hoover benefit concert in Los Angeles this Thursday, Dec. 9, and if you weren’t able to make it to the show in person, it has just been revealed that it will also be airing in select theaters and IMAX.

As spotted by West Sub Ever on Twitter, it looks like tickets have just been loaded up to watch the Free Larry Hoover benefit concert in IMAX theaters. There is still no word on whether it will be streamed on Apple Music yet.

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The "Free Larry Hoover" concert is going to be played in iMAX theaters.

There is no information yet on a livestream you can watch from home. pic.twitter.com/CTn50axjef

— West Sub Ever (@WestSubEver) December 7, 2021

Another interesting finding is that the runtime for the show listed in the theater viewing is 2 to 3 hours, which suggests that it might be longer than many expected.

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The runtime is 2 to 3 hours

— West Sub Ever (@WestSubEver) December 7, 2021

The Free Larry Hoover Concert will be streamed in theaters. Run time 2-3 hours

— Donda’s Place (@dondasplace) December 7, 2021

Massive build out tonight for the Ye (formerly Kanye West) and Drake concert set for Dec. 9th at the LA Coliseum . Looks like a circular mound is being built with sand and concrete or stucco. At first, thought this was a monster truck rally setup. @CBSLA #Ye #Drake #KanyeWest pic.twitter.com/Z56DrbTcY5

— John Schreiber (@johnschreiber) December 6, 2021

Aerial shots of the LA Coliseum, where the show will be taking place, also reveal a huge circular mound being built in the middle of the arena. 

While it’s still unclear what the set design might be for the show, considering Kanye rebuilt his family home in the center of Chicago’s Soldier Field for his third Donda listening event, there’s no telling what the artist might have in store for this heavily anticipated show.

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