Breaking Down All of the Ways Kendrick Lamar Attacked Drake on “Euphoria”

Kendrick took a lot of shots at Drake’s public image on “Euphoria.” Here’s a full breakdown.

Christopher Polk / Billboard via Getty Images

Kendrick Lamar has finally responded to Drake on “Euphoria.” Instead of trying to unearth personal information about Drake that would generate salacious headlines, Kendrick taps into the root of rap warfare and goes full hater mode, making sure Drake knows that he dislikes basically everything about him (except his melodies). Produced by Cardo and Kyuro, Kendrick lulls Drake to sleep with a disarming first half of the track before picking apart his larger-than-life persona by highlighting all of the rumors, critiques, and insecurities associated with the Toronto rapper.

For weeks, Drake has been begging for Kendrick to respond and give him some “quintuple entendres,” and now his wish has been granted. Here’s a breakdown of all the different ways Kendrick attacked Drake’s persona.

Drake’s relationship with his Blackness

Drake being considered an “outsider” in the culture

Drake’s relationship with women

Drake’s approach to rap beef

The Big 3

Ghostwriting allegations

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