Doja Cat Reflects on Reaction to Her ‘Sway in the Morning’ Freestyle

Doja Cat joined Ebro and Apple Music 1 for a new interview to discuss her 'Sway in the Morning' freestyle and how she purposefully bombed it as a joke.

In a new interview with Ebro and Apple Music 1 today, Doja Cat talked about the release of her latest album, Planet Hertrying to help other artists by collaborating with them and giving them a larger platform, and everything surrounding her freestyle on Sway in the Morning back in 2019.

“He told me to freestyle and I did, but it wasn’t good,” she said about the infamous freestyle (which begins at the 30:23 mark) during the interview. “It was the worst thing in the world, but it was on purpose because I didn’t really feel like freestyling. I didn’t like feel it. I think that’s what people want you to do when you go on Sway.”

Doja responded to the fans upset about her freestyle on Twitter shortly after the freestyle.

To the people getting mad at my garbage ass "freestyle" on Sway. I don't have to know how to freestyle. Go have a cypher in a fucking Wendy's bathroom and fuck off.

— DOJA CAT (@DojaCat) November 12, 2019

“But I made a joke and I feel like people didn’t like that because they felt disrespected, like, ‘No, when you go Sway, you freestyle, even at least do a written, do something.’ But I was like, ‘I’m just here to just be happy and just to have an interview and just do what I got to do.’ But a lot of people value that. A lot of people value the culture being carried on. And I didn’t do that in that interview when I didn’t freestyle, but I care about rap, I do.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Doja talked about her inclusion of Smino and J.I.D on her album and why she wanted to make sure they had a larger platform for people to hear their talent.

“I feel these rappers need a platform,” she said. “They need to be shown to the world more and if I can do that, I’m going to do that. And I love J.I.D and I’m obsessed with Smino. I feel I could put more of them on there, but I wanted my album to have not too many features.”

Watch the clip with Doja Cat and Apple Music 1 up top. The full interview starts at 4:00 p.m. ET today on Apple Music 1.

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