Adele Reveals She Played '30' Album for Drake Last Year, Rapper Praises Her Single and Calls Singer a 'Best Friend'

Adele revealed in a recent interview that she played her entire new album, '30,' for Drake when he was in town a year ago to get his thoughts on it.

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Following the release of her new single, “Easy On Me,” Adele joined Capital Breakfast to talk about the song and her upcoming album, 30, due out Nov. 19.

During their conversation, which you can watch above, Adele was asked if she had played the new album for any of her fellow artists to get their opinion on it. While she said she didn't share it with many, the singer did reveal that she gave her good friend Drake a first listen of the whole project.

“I played it to Drake last year when he was in town,” she said. “And I was like ‘is this what people want, or not want?’ And he said ‘absolutely’ but that’s it really.’”

Adele went on to say that she’s not really into shopping her albums around to others to get their thoughts on it before it drops.

“Drake’s obviously incredible and amazing as well as being my mate, but I don’t send it around to various people being like ‘can I get your thoughts on this?”

For the multi-grammy-winning singer/songwriter, Adele told Capital Breakfast that her own opinion matters the most when it comes to her work. 

“It’s always about how it makes me feel, quality control is my forté, and I can write a song about my own experiences and my own life,” she said. “People certainly aren’t waiting for a club banger from me,” 

However, it’s not too surprising that Drake got the inside scoop on Adele’s new project since the two are good friends. During an Instagram live session last week, the singer shared that Drake’s Certified Lover Boy is probably her favorite album of the year.

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Drake also recently shouted out Adele on the eve of the release of “Easy On Me,” calling her “one of my best friends in the whole world.”

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