Kanye Seemingly Responds to Snoop Dogg Saying Kim Kardashian and Drake Hooked Up: 'All Love'

Kanye posted a photo in which he can be seen rocking a t-shirt with a picture of Snoop on it.

Kanye West has earned himself more enemies than most with his pro-Trump antics and comments aboutslavery. Several prominent voices within hip hop have come to his defense, while many others have spoken out against him, and Snoop Dogg has taken the latter approach. 

When asked about 'Ye, Snoop Dogg made it very clear that the whole Make American Great Again thing isn't winning Kanye any favors. "If you like that n**** you motherfuckin’ racist," Snoop Dogg previously said. Then, a few days back, the Long Beach-born rapper took to social media to take aim at him and Kim Kardashian.

While posting on Instagram, Snoop recorded himself weighing in on the conspiracy over Drake's no.1 track "In My Feelings." Looking at the camera, Snoop says, "I may be on the late freight but I just found out who Kiki was." 

"Kiki is your bitch," he says. "That's why you're so mad! Drake put dick in your bitch."

Following Snoop's comments, it wouldn't have been totally out of character for Kanye to respond in an overblown manner. Instead, 'Ye simply posted a photo of himself in a Snoop Dogg shirt with the caption, "all love."

While some who wish to weigh in on this feud may applaud Kanye's amicable response, it's important to remember that his public disapproval largely stems from the unyielding support he has offered to a president who represents everything contrary to love. 

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