Rick Ross Dismisses 50 Cent as 'Verzuz' Opponent: 'He Can't Make Nothing to Save His Life'

On the 'I Am Athlete' podcast released on Monday, Rick Ross took (more) shots at 50 Cent after the idea of the two rappers having a 'Verzuz' battle was floated.

Rick Ross performs during "Ross the Bells."

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Rick Ross performs during "Ross the Bells."

During an episode of the I Am Athlete podcast that was released on Monday, guest Rick Ross continued his nearly dozen-year-old feud with 50 Cent by implying outright stating that 50 can't make good music...either anymore, or without A-list producers. 

The topic came up when hosts Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor, Brandon Marshall, and Chad Johnson brought up the idea of the two-rivals-who-often-exchange-shit-talk-that-leads-to-headlines facing off in a Verzuzbattle. That idea was shot down and instead we got, well, shit talk that led to a headline. 

"Would it be really entertaining music-wise, you know what I'm saying?" Ross wondered when asked about the subject directly by Johnson. "I'm a real dude-- 50 Cent had some huge records when he had the biggest producers and artists around him putting them together. That's why, right now, he can't make nothing to save his life. Rozay probably couldn't save him!"

Here's the clip:

And for extended shit talk involving Ross saying 50 is "no longer valuable" in the music arenaand therefore irrelevant to write diss tracks aboutwatch here:

Note that Ross had already faced off on Verzuz with 2 Chainz this past fall. Also note that two rivals going against one another through the format would not be unprecedented, as we saw last month when Gucci Mane and Jeezy were paired. That specific face-off was also mentioned in the same interview. 

You can watch the entire sitdown below:

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