Pusha-T Sends Gamer Well Wishes as He Goes Into Surgery After Tragic Shooting

Pusha-T sent well wishes to those who were shot on Sunday afternoon during a Madden Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is a picture of Pusha T.

Jason Mendez/Getty Images

This is a picture of Pusha T.

A day after a gunman killed two people (plus himself) and wounded 11 others at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, more information is continuing to come out about both the shooter and the victims of the pointless tragedy.

One of those wounded happened to be Timothy Anselimo (who goes by both "Olarry" and "Larry Legend" on the gaming circuit) and who also happens to be one of six members drafted to the Milwaukee Bucks' NBA 2K eSports team this past spring.

According to Anselimo's mom, he was shot three times on Sunday afternoon:

And according to another player in attendance, he was shot in the hand and chest:

Less than 24 hours after those vague but serious updates, Anselimo tweeted from his own account that he would be undergoing surgery on Monday that would not only dictate his overall health but would also determine his ability to play video games in the future:

While best wishes and tweets of solidarity were sent Timothy's way (in addition to all those that were shot at the event on Sunday), the 2K/Madden gamer also got a specified shout-out hoping for a speedy recovery from Pusha-T:

And while it's worth noting that this is a relatively minor development in the grand scheme of things, it obviously meant something to Anselimo as demonstrated by this response:

Best of luck on that surgery to Larry Legend. And best of luck for a recovery (both mentally and physically) for all those who were impacted by the shooting.

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