Sunday's shooting in Jacksonville, Florida left three dead, and more information about the shooter and his two victims is being uncovered.

Though there is still no motive or explanation for why 24-year-old David Katz decided to attack the Madden 19 tournament before ultimately killing himself, CNN reports he’d previously won events in Madden 17 tournaments.

The Baltimore resident went by the name “Bread” online, and last year the Buffalo Bills congratulated him in a tweet for winning the Madden 17 Bills Championship. "Congrats to David Katz, the Madden 17 Bills Championship winner! Thanks for following along, Bills fans," the tweet read. 

Per CNN, Katz’s two victims were quickly identified as Eli “Trueboy” Clayton and Taylor “spotmeplzzz” Robertson. The victims were mourned by Robertson’s gaming sponsor, Dot City Gaming:

Robertson, 27, previously won the Madden NFL 17 Classic, and has made more than $80,000 throughout his Madden career. He is survived by his wife and infant son. 

Clayton, 22, was a former high school football player, Madden finalist, and could be seen in the Twitch footage that documented the shooting yesterday. 

Following the shooting, an outpouring of posts sending condolences to the shooter’s victims and their families made their way online. “This tragic situation that occurred Sunday in Jacksonville was an senseless act of violence that we strongly condemn," EA Sports wrote in a statement following the attack. “Our most heartfelt sympathies of the victims whose lives were taken today and those who were injured."

Since the shooting, survivors of the Parkland shooting in Florida, which took place back in February, have spoken out condemning gun violence and local politicians. 

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