Bow Wow Says He Will Focus on Acting and Joining the WWE After Releasing Final Album (UPDATE)

Bow Wow says that after he's done with his next album he'll retire from rapping and instead focus on wrestling in the WWE (plus also acting in TV and films).

Bow Wow

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Bow Wow

UPDATED 02/15/21 9:50 p.m. ET: Providing further indication that he’s indeed serious about trying to be a pro wrestler, Bow Wow says he’ll begin training with WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi. As was the case a week ago, Bow Wow made the new(est) announcement via Twitter:

Wrestling Inc. reported that the gym Bow Wow’s heading to, run by Rikishi and his cousin/fellow Anoa’i family member Black Pearl, is called KnokX Pro Academy. About 12 hours after Bow Wow let fans in on the news, Rikishi quote tweeted his message while welcoming him:

Also as was the case last week, Bow Wow practiced some online smack talk by calling out other wrestlers’ follower counts, and saying that he wanted to get in the ring with Bad Bunny. For reference, BB’s been training for an in-ring run and rumors say he’ll be taking part in a tag-team match at WrestleMania 37 in April:

Heel game’s not bad. The rest? We’ll see, but actually starting to get interested. 

See original story below.

After he finishes his next album, Bow Wow says he’s done with rap.

Don’t act so shocked he’s said this before (oh wait, you’re not shocked, never mind). As for what the next venture will be for the still-only 33-year-old, well, if what he tweeted out on Monday is to be believed then he’ll be going full bore into acting (pretty conventional) and wrestling (um, a little more out of left field).

Specifically, he said his intent was to fulfill a childhood dream by making it into the WWE. If you think that sounds crazy know that he already prefaced his statement with the same sentiment:

He even had a tag-team partner in mind:

If you scroll down his Twitter page at this literal moment (already passed) you can see that about his past 40-50 tweets/re-tweets/quote tweets were all on the subject of wrestling. No guarantees that’ll still be true when you read this but, for now, here’s some highlights:

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