YNW Melly’s Father Sings About Rapper’s Innocence on “Murder on My Mind” Remix

A man identified as the rapper's father released an emotional song dedicated to his son.

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Following the devastating news that YNW Melly would be facing the death penalty if convicted of his double homicide charges, a man identified as the rapper's father released an emotional song dedicated to his son. 

Earlier this month, a reinterpretation of Melly's breakthrough hit "Murder On My Mind" titled "Melly On My Mind" surfaced on the internet. Throughout the lyrics of the song, the artist Donte "Tha Gift" Taylor claims to be Melly's father and uses the record to profess his son's innocence. Although it is unsure if Taylor is actually Melly's dad, several who claim to know Taylor verify his connection to the rapper.

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"I know YNW Melly's mother and father," the man who goes by JudahSon alleges at the video's 2:50 minute mark. "I actually grew up with them. I went to elementary school, junior high—so I know them very, very well. I grew up with the young man's parents."

This record was released shortly after Florida prosecutors announced that the state would be seeking capital punishment against the 19-year-old as they can prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Melly murdered two of his associates for financial gain. When this news broke, Melly's mother Jamie Demons-King took to Instagram Live where she was visibly shaken by the news.

Throughout the situation, Demons-King has been vocal about her son's situation claiming he acted out of self-defense. Although it is known that Demons-King is Melly's mother, this is the first time someone has identified themselves as the rapper's biological father.

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