Wack 100 Explains His Nipsey Hussle Comments, Calls Rapper's New Supporters Fake

Wack 100 explains how this past helped shape his comments about Nipsey Hussle's death.

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During a recent appearance on the No Jumper Podcast, Wack 100 doubled down on comments he made about Nipsey Hussle's death in October. 

"Listen, I'm not a gang banger anymore," he said. "I've been gangbanging over twenty years. I haven't woke up and hated the Crip or seen a dude in blue and wanted to do something to him cause I thought he was a Crip. That's gangbanging. I'm from where I'm from and it's gon' always be that. I understand gang culture. Gang culture is different from religious culture. It's different from, you know Jewish culture. Every culture is different, and in that jungle the rules change. Now, are the rules irrational? Damn right. Are they right? Probably not, but these are the rules of this jungle. It's been like that fifty, sixty years. In this jungle, everybody is not for everything. Everybody is not the shooter, everybody not the fighter, some are the hustlers."

The comments reinforce the statement Wack made in October regarding Nipsey's murder. In an audio clip, Wack tried to explain that Eric Holder abided by the "rules of engagement" in gang culture. "Shitty Cuz, the alleged gunman, when it comes to the rules of engagement of gang banging, he did what he was supposed to do," Wack said in the audio. "You supposed to handle your business. And can’t nobody say that’s wrong." His comments sparked backlash from Nipsey Hussle's fans, but Wack explained to No Jumper that they weren't the rapper's real supporters.

"All these radio stations, all these people is all fake," Wack said of all the posthumous love Nipsey got. "I can speak on it because I was part of the Nipsey Hussle movement getting him his first multi-million dollar deal... You got a man who died with a million followers and no radio hit and no fucking platinum plaques. But because everyone start talking like it's a goddamn Popeyes chicken sandwich... So where was all these fans?... He didn't die an A-list artist. Y'all talking about he's a legend. If he's a legend why didn't y'all treat him like that when he was here?... I feel like Nipsey should have been a bigger artist personally. But where the hell was all you diehard fans when Nipsey needed you to support his product?"

Although he chastised Nipsey's fans, Wack 100 did apologize for the audio clip. But he didn't concede to the pressure of Nip's supporters, and said instead that he apologized out of respect for the rapper's former manager, Eugene "Big U" Henley.


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