Contrary to mounting accusations The Game insists he is not exploiting Nipsey Hussle's name.

The 39-year-old rapper took to social media this week to announce his newly founded label called Prolific Records—a name that was inspired by Nipsey's distinct face tattoo. The Game also dropped a batch of Prolific Records merch, which reportedly sold out within 30 minutes of its release.

People were quick to accuse The Game of trying to capitalize off Nipsey's name, which surged in popularity following his fatal shooting back in March. 

The Game responded to the criticism in a lengthy message posted in his Instagram Stories, claiming he was simply using the word "prolific" as a way to continue Nipsey's legacy. The Game also said he has received blessings from late rapper's brother, Blacc Sam, who is also the adminstrator of Nipsey's estate.

"... The use of he word 'Prolific' by myself is only my way of helping to carry on my bro’s legacy," The Game wrote. "Any merch that has been sold has my face on it, my albums is all pictures, logos etc are related to THE GAME. Out of the love for Nip, Blacc Sam, his immediate family etc I purposely did not include any pics of Nip nor his likeness & directed all traffic to The Marathon Clothing as I’ve done since bro’s passing."

He continued: "I’ve spoken closely to 'Blacc Sam' every step of the way & have had his blessing with things I’ve done to help honor bro’s name & continue his legacy. I’ve only done things I feel bro would’ve done to keep me going if I was no longer here in the physical. Before assuming, passing judgment, or running to the internet to be negative, DM me or hit me & I will be happy to respond or elaborate further to as many people as I can."

You can read his full response below.

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The Game is now preparing to release his final studio album Born 2 Rap, which is expected to arrive next month via Prolific Records.