Philly's Dark Lo Faces 9 Years in Prison for Witness Intimidation

Rapper Dark Lo admitted to writing two letters to Dontez “Taz” Stewart, who was originally wrapped up in an indictment that involved OBH's AR-Ab.

Dark Lo

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Dark Lo

Original Block Hustlaz artist, Dark Lo, is looking at some serious prison time.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported this week that Lo pled guilty to one count of witness intimidation. Due to the deal he struck with the prosecution, the rapper could now face up to nine years in prison. 

Dark Lo admitted to writing two letters to Dontez “Taz” Stewart, who was originally wrapped up in an indictment that involved AR-Ab and his Original Block Hustlaz record label. Steward pled guilty to murdering one of AR-Ab’s drug rivals and started to cooperate with the prosecution in exchange for a lighter sentence. 

Just days before Stewart was set to testify, he received letters from Dark Lo addressed from “Ron Harvey”—which is an alias Lo uses in some of his music. In the notes, he called Stewart “Stewart Little” in reference to his status as an informant or “rat” and claimed that Stewart could get “stabbed up” in prison for this behavior. Although Lo didn’t deny writing the letters, he claimed that he didn’t perceive the messages as a threat.

“I don’t see how that’s threats,” he said according to court transcripts. “If I didn’t know him, that’s threats… But he was under me, so I felt as though I could say that to him.”

To solidify the case, the prosecution pointed to lyrics from Dark Lo’s song, “Allegations.” In the track, Lo claims the OBH case turned because of a “rat.” He then alluded to violence against snitches.

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“His lyrics promote gun violence and his music videos depict images of drug dealing and weapons possession,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin Ashenfelter told the court. “Plainly, he is a danger to the community and he enjoys that image, using it as a platform to sell his music.”

AR-Ab was convicted of federal conspiracy in 2019 for his involvement in several crimes including drug distribution. He is currently waiting to be sentenced. 

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