Lil Nas X Responds to Dave East Calling "Old Town Road" Wack

Lil Nas X let it be known that Dave East's opinion carries no weight in his life. 

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Lil Nas X has experienced major success since his single "Old Town Road" began to take over the internet. However, with this admiration came an equal amount of hate, specifically from Harlem rapper Dave East, who opened up about his disdain for the track. Since then, East has caught a lot of flack, but Lil Nas X let it be known that East's opinion carried no weight in his life.

On Monday, Lil Nas X stopped by the Zach Sang Show where he touched on the controversy surrounding "Old Town Road," including the comments from Dave East.

"I honestly have gotten this question so many, it's like, I have the No. 1 song in the country," the artist explained at the interview's 39:15 minute mark. "I do not give a fuck about what Dave East is saying."

In addition to distancing himself from East, Lil Nas X also attempted to identify the qualities of a traditional Country song since his trap-infused take on the genre got him booted from the Country charts. 

"I feel like Country music is always a great way to tell a sorrowful story... even if you do add some fun to it," Lil Nas X said at the 24:15 minute mark. "But there's no concrete way to make a Country song—well anything anymore I feel." Nas X then went on to express that he firmly believes "Old Town Road" should have been allowed to stay on the Country Billboard charts because listeners of the genre supported the single.

Outside of trying to justify his No. 1 single, Lil Nas X also basked in the success of the song. This is best displayed when he was asked to describe how it felt to break the one-week streaming record previously held by Drake.

"It's Drake," Lil Nas X responded. "[He's] been in the game for so long and made so many records. Even the record I broke. It's insane."

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