Lil Baby Says People Tried to Get Him to Beef with DaBaby

Lil Baby admits people around him were stirring up conversation, but he didn't entertain any of it.

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Currently, hip-hop has its fair share of rappers with "baby" as part of their monikers. This includes two of the biggest artists in the game right now, DaBaby and Lil Baby. Rap is a competitive sport leading some artists to find random thing things to beef about. Yet during his appearance on Joe Budden's Pull Up, Lil Baby explained how he purposely avoided creating problems with DaBaby.

Around the interview's 34-minute mark, Budden asks Lil Baby if there were any "private conversations" that were being held by his camp once DaBaby started to gain popularity. Lil Baby admits to people around stirring up conversation, but he made sure to kill any suggestion of him going after the rapper over a name.

"I always heard it from day one," Lil Baby said. "A n***a will be like: 'He tried to say this' and I'll be like: 'No.' Every time. I made sure it wasn't going to be nothing."

Lil Baby went on to explain that beefing with people isn't his "wave." Also, Lil Baby has a quick rise to stardom. He tells Joe Budden that he saw DaBaby promoting himself as a rapper at SXSW before he even started taking music seriously. 

"I seen him at South by Southwest before I really started rapping with a diaper on like on some baby shit," Lil Baby said. "Even though my name was Baby from like hustling before rap. I actually seen him. I got a song with him for a feature before he got hot. ... He don't sound like me. He don't kick my swag. His name just 'DaBaby.'"

Lil Baby goes on to share that they collaborated on a song before DaBaby got hot. In a full circle moment, Lil Baby and DaBaby reunited on "Baby" off Control the Streets Vol. 2, which caused social media excitement because it was the "Baby on Baby" record.

Check out the full interview above, where Lil Baby talks his come up and more.

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