Watch Juice WRLD Go Off in His Latest Freestyle With Funk Flex

With Ski Mask the Slump God pumping him up, Juice WRLD drops bars on bars for over five minutes.

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Juice WRLD has won over hip-hop purists by the way he's mastered the art of freestyling. The rapper put his gift on full display by once again blessing Funkmaster Flex with another flurry of bars. 

The beauty of Juice WRLD's freestyles is they don't appear to be writtens that are either sped up or slowed down depending on the instrumental. Instead, Juice bravely attacks any beat with lyrics that are off the top. That courage might have been an issue in the beginning as he didn't start off cutting through the beat in the way fans are accustomed to. But after finding his footing, he was able to hit the beat with some powerful punchlines. 

"Listen to the way that I spit it," Juice raps. "I'm the type to kill all this shit without writing a written/Or ripping a written, or spitting a written/The way that I get it is the same way your bitch hop on my dick/Rip-Ribbit."

Juice WRLD's genius really starts to show when the beat cuts off and the rapper continues to flow. Juice spits acapella lyrics in a way that proves he really wasn't interested in the instrumental Flex threw at him which only adds to his fearlessness. 

"I pull up to your front door/You screaming not in my house like you Mutombo," he raps acapella. "Hadouken, hadouken, hadouken/That's just the combo/Serve it like green I ain't talking 'bout cilantro."

Watch Juice WRLD's entire freestyle above. 

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