Jeezy Thinks Trump is Putting His Ego Ahead of American Lives During COVID-19 Outbreak

On Friday, the Snowman made an appearance on MSNBC.

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The coronavirus has forced Americans to band together in unprecedented ways. Although he's not a fan of the way President Trump presents himself, Jeezy believes that citizens will find a way to get through this crisis despite the faulty leadership. 

On Friday, Jeezy made an appearance on MSNBC. During his conversation with Ari Melber, the rapper touched on the way Trump is handling the COVID-19 outbreak. 

"Trump, he's one-of-a-kind, because it takes a different type of leader to make things about him," Jeezy said at the clip's 5:47 minute mark. "I feel like a lot of times you see his ego. Right now, you know, it's about the people. To me, you talking about 'Make America Great.' We gone make America greater than it's ever been with or without him."

Many Americans feel that the government could have been more proactive in its handling of the coronavirus. The president has been optimistic about America's recovery, but the country is currently experiencing a shortage of ventilators and other medical supplies. Surgeon General Jerome Adams went as far as to compare the moment to traumatic events like Pearl Harbor. 

"The next week is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment. It’s going to be our 9/11 moment," Adams said during NBC News' Meet the Press. He went on to explain the importance of flattening the curve. 

It’s going to be the hardest moment for many Americans in their entire lives, and we really need to understand that if we want to flatten that curve and get through to the other side, everyone needs to do their part. Ninety percent of Americans are doing their part, even in the states where, where they haven’t had a shelter in place. But if you can’t give us 30 days, governors, give us, give us a week, give us what you can, so that we don’t overwhelm our healthcare systems over this next week. And then let’s reassess at that point. We want everyone to understand you’ve got to be Rosie The Riveter you’ve got to do your part.

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