G Herbo Rips Through New Freestyle on ‘Westwood TV’

G Herbo also sat down with Tim Westwood for an interview after delivering a new freestyle.

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G Herbo hopped across the pond to visit legendary London radio DJ Tim Westwood. Of course, as customary when on Westwood TV, G Herbo attacked an instrumental with a new freestyle. 

The proud father begins his rhymes by flipping the standout line of Nature's verse on "Banned From T.V." into braggadocio bars that compliment his son in ways only a rapper could.

"I get p***y off my son's features/Your bitch probably 20 something times his age and can't wait to meet him," Hebro opens as the beat builds. "She gon' bow down to a king when she see him/It's always meaner in the sequel."

Along with giving Tim Westwood a freestyle, the Swervo rapper also sat for a 20-minute conversation, touching on several subjects including how to further improve his hometown. "I think Chicago is the way it is because there's not enough leaders there," he explained.

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He went on to accept the hand his earlier actions and music might have had on the city's conditions. "I'll take responsibility. In Chicago, I was 16, man, really making a name for ourselves," Herb said. "And the youth looked up to us. They thought what we was doing was the right thing and we was misguided ourselves. Overall we just need more people to be like, 'No matter who you are or what you come from, life is about building yourself and your people.'"

G Herbo also revealed he'll be reviving his "4 Min of Hell" series this year. "2019, I think I might do a '4 Min of Hell Pt. 6,'" he told Westwood. "If the fans asking for it, fuck it."

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