CyHi on Kanye’s Trump Support: ‘When I Feel Like God Has a Calling for Someone, I Can’t Step in the Middle Of It'

CyHi assured fans that Kanye West is indeed well-informed on the political topics he discusses, partially because 'Ye "gets classified information."

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Kanye West made it hard for some to continue counting him as a friend and collaborator when he became a vocal Donald Trump supporter. CyHi was not deterred.

During a recent interview with VladTV, CyHi explained he doesn’t stand in God’s way. As a result, he believes West was moved to support Trump by a power higher than all of them, and he had no choice but to stick by ’Ye’s side. 

“I’m a little different than a lot of people in the world,” CyHi said at the beginning of the clip. “When I feel like God has a calling for someone, I can’t step in the middle of it.” 

Kanye’s shift from College Dropout to MAGA created a firestorm. Fans were confused by his motives and even questioned if the rapper was fully equipped to make these decisions. Yet CyHi the Prynce went on to explain West’s life moves at hyper-speed. As a result, the entertainer-turned-mogul doesn’t really have the time to detail why he’s making the moves he does. However, CyHi assured DJ Vlad and viewers that Yeezy is very educated on the topics he’s discussing because he’s privy to information the public might not be able to access. 

“He gets a lot of information, he meets with—when I tell you he meets with every powerful person in the world, like, you’d never believe how many private jets he flies people out on just to have a 30-minute, hour meeting with him,” CyHi noted. He elaborated by saying, “He gets information that Twitter may not be able to get. … He gets classified information, so he may say something to you that he can’t really elaborate on, but it’s for you to kind of do your research. Because powerful men like that, they ain’t gonna let them have too many opinions.”

Watch the full clip of CyHi’s opinion on Kanye’s Trump support above. In a different segment from their conversation, CyHi confirmed West has been working on the long-teased DONDA album.

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