Bow Wow on Battling Depression: 'I Was Going Through a Lot Last Year'

Bow Wow stops by 'Big Boy's Neighborhood' to discuss Usher's 'Confessions II,' his mental health, and more.

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Bow Wow's journey from teen sensation to celebrity personality has been entertaining to watch from the outside looking in. But, in recent years the rapper has opened up about the stability of his mental health and how the impressions of fame have impacted him. During his latest interview on Real 92.3 LA's Big Boy's Neighborhood, Bow Wow rehashes on this topic as well as some of the recent stories that have followed him.

Last year, Bow Wow used social media to vaguely describe where he was at mentally in a series of tweets. This moment was highlighted by the rapper announcing that his pending album would be titled EDICIUS which is "suicide" spelled backward.

Due to things like the #BowWowChallenge and other antics, many felt this was an attempt to use the sympathy associated with mental illness to sell records. But on Monday, Bow Wow explained his emotional station during that time to the hosts. 

"I was depressed," Bow responded at the video's 11-minute mark. "I was going through it. I wanted to tell people you can have the most money in the world and it don't really heal you... I was going through a lot last year. Not even career-wise. I was going through a lot of things personally."

The interview then switched gears to focus on his latest fiasco. During this year's Super Bowl weekend, Bow Wow was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. This resulted in a now-infamous mugshot of the rapper with his face scratched from the fight. Bow Wow decided to shed light on both the mugshot and his legal situation. 

"It's still pending, it's still open, still out on bail," Bow Wow explained. "First of all, I shouldn't have been locked up period. The pictures, you saw that. The pictures say it all. Not to put the blame on her or put the blame on me."

He went on to detail how the experienced opened his eyes to things he previously ignored.

"When I was in that cell it was a life-changing moment for me," Bow Wow stated. "I felt as far as my own self, I needed that. I needed that moment to think, to understand who I was."

This new perspective has prompted more creativity out of Bow Wow. In addition to his personal life, the rapper also disclosed that he and other early-2000s artists will embark on a tour similar to the one headlined by B2K this September. 

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