Bow Wow has been arrested for allegedly beating a woman, who was also arrested for allegedly beating him, TMZ reports.

Police took both individuals into custody early Saturday morning in Atlanta. According to TMZ, Bow Wow and the woman had a dispute. When the police arrived, the woman claimed that Bow Wow assaulted her while claimed that she did the same. The police have identified the woman as Leslie Holden.

The police told Atlanta’s WSB-TV that both “sustained visible minor injuries.” And that officers “were unable to determine the primary aggressor of the altercation, so both parties” were charged with battery.

This story is developing.

More recently, Bow Wow got wrapped up in Soulja Boy's antics—and even as his former adversary (and collaborator), Bow Wow still gave the “Crank That” rapper props. In January, TMZ stopped Bow Wow on the street to ask about Soulja Boy's marketing scheme: “He kind of created all of these rappers you see nowadays doing what they're doing. Soulja was the first, as far as the younger demo. He was the first person to do that. So, all credit goes to him right now.”

And on a cuter note, just last week, Bow Wow's daughter went on his Instagram live and hilariously roasted her own father, telling him his “feet stink” because he “didn't go in the shower” the day before.