Birdman Links With Roddy Ricch and Lil Wayne for "Stunnaman" Video

Birdman's new single, “Stunnaman,” is featured on the soundtrack for the film 'She Ball,' which is written and directed by comedian Nick Cannon. 

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The #1 Stunna is making his return. 

Birdman dropped his new track and video “Stunnaman” on Friday. Of course, the Cash Money co-founder couldn’t make his return without the help of the label’s crown jewel, Lil Wayne, who appears on the track alongside Roddy Ricch. “Stunnaman” is featured on the soundtrack for the film She Ball, which is written and directed by Nick Cannon

As the title suggests, this record is a play on one of Baby’s famous alter egos. While talking to the 85 South Show, one of Cash Money’s former artists, Hot Boy Turk, detailed how Diddy motivated Baby to become the #1 Stunna. 

“Puffy stunted on us one time,” Turk said around the show’s 18-minute mark. “Man look, all of us had Rolexes. … Baby had two of ‘em. Puffy like, ‘Man look, hold up. I got one watch one nigga … cost more than all six of y’all watches put together.’ It was a Franck Muller back in the day. Motherf**ker was a million dollar watch.”

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“He fucked us up, dawg,” Turk continued. “That nigga Puffy stunted on Baby—well, he stunted on us. Baby was like, ‘F**k that. Man, listen. Ain’t no other nigga gon’ ever out stunt me.’ That nigga went stunt crazy! … That’s when he became the #1 Stunna.”

Listen to Birdman’s new single “Stunnaman” featuring Lil Wayne and Roddy Ricch below, and check out the video up top.


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