Here's 50 Cent's Response to Choosing Between Giving a Mask to Eminem or Dr. Dre During Pandemic

Big Boy asked 50 Cent the tough question during a recent interview.

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In a Wednesday interview, Big Boy asked 50 Cent to choose between two of the most pivotal figures in his career. 

"There's two people, you can only give 1 mask to this person," Big Boy says at the above clip's 2:40 mark. "You see Dr. Dre and you see Eminem. Who do you give that one mask to?"

After stating that Big Boy gave him a "foul question," 50 did his diplomatic best not to choose sides. 

"I would give Em my mask," 50 said. "And I would give Dre my mask. If I had a mask on I would give him mine." 

Big Boy also asked 50 Cent which artist he wouldn't allow in his house to quarantine with him. While the question could have been a layup given all of 50's rivals, his answer was unexpected, but logical. 

"Probably Roddy Ricch," 50 said. "He's poppin', there's too many kids around, too many different germs and shit. 

And though he didn't pick Ja Rule, 50 has kept busy stoking the flames of his most famous feud in recent weeks. The two have been going back-and-forth over a potential Instagram Live battle, but based on the most recent developments, it's unlikely that it'll happen any time soon.

For now, you can watch 50 Cent answer all of Big Boy's questions above. 

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