Quentin Miller Addresses Drake Ghostwriting Drama on "Destiny (Freestyle)"

"I'm more than just a prop."

Drake's rumored ghostwriter Quentin Miller was pulled into the headlines again last week when Pusha-T rapped the line, "It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin," on the DAYTONA track "Infrared."

Then, on Drake's "Duppy Freestyle" response, his name was brought up again: "And as for Q, man, I changed his life a couple times / N***a was at Kroger workin' double time / Y'all actin' like he made the boy when I was tryna' help the guy."

After correcting Drake and telling fans he actually worked at a Publix store, Miller tweeted that he would address everything "once and for all" on his next release.

I don't even want the crown, I'm just doing me
Mike Will, Metro, they 'bout as old as me
Wanna be mentioned with them not just some old beef
If You're Reading This was like 2015, I lost a leg in '16
Look, if you can't tell by now, I ain't 'bout the hype
I create waves, I'm not the wave ridin' type
Nicki fans!!! Just wait... I can explain....

“Destiny Freestyle” out now... #OneThreeOneSeven , love y’all...lolhttps://t.co/Cyn5ZsdLQh

Now, that song has arrived in the form of a three minute recording called "Destiny (Freestyle)," which you can hear above.

Quentin doesn't explicitly diss Drake, Pusha, or anyone else involved. Instead, he expresses getting tired of his name only being brought up because of "some old beef."

"Nicki goin' off, she ain't never met me," he raps, addressing Nicki Minaj's defense of Drake earlier this week. Confident in his ability as a solo artist, he spits, "Every real rapper realizes I'm a threat." Finally, he finishes the song by adding, "I'm more than just a prop, you know? Or a pawn. I'm a person too, you know? I didn't ask for none of this."

You can listen to the track via Apple Music.

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