The Best Songs to Get You in the Mood

Here's the ultimate list of songs to get you in the mood.


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This feature was originally published in 2015.

So, tonight's the night, and you're bringing that lucky guy or girl back to your place to seal the deal. You know you've got to prep the scene, so you go down the list of elements to make the night extra special. Love notes arouse the mind. Red wine gets the blood flowing. Home-cooked dinners are thoughtful. Incense sets the mood. Rose petals and bubble baths are a nice touch (even if they're a little cliche, fellas). But when it comes time to actually seal the deal, nothing does the trick like playing the right slow jam. You can have all the elements in place, but without a playlist of the best songs to get you in the mood, you may end up shut out of any action, despite all your best efforts. And nobody wants that.

So, before you invite your lover to lay down, fire up the Spotify, make sure your Pandora subscription is paid (you do not want those ads popping in at the wrong time and cramping your style), or get your Apple Music playlist up to date and make sure the soundtrack to your night is lined up in advance.

If you need some help getting started, look no further than the list we've cobbled together below. We're talking all time classics here, along with some favorites from the modern day's most reliable babymaking hitmakers, like Beyonce, Jeremih, and The-Dream. We also got some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita. We got some Ready for the World, some New Edition, some Minnie Ripperton, and 94 more songs to really set the party off right. The rest, though, is up to you. All we ask, is that in the climactic moment, you make your lover scream out, "Complex presents the 97 Songs to Get You in the Mood!"

98. Monica "For You I Will" (1997)

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Album: Space Jam Original Soundtrack

A slow jam of epic proportions, yes. A top-ten ranking for Slow Jams Guaranteed to Get You Laid? 'Fraid not. Top-Ten Slow Jams Guaranteed to Get You Dry Humped? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!

97. Jeremih "F**k U All the Time" (2013)

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Album: Late Nights With Jeremih

This syrupy, sticky, and sensual song by Chi-town's own Jeremih is a trippy straight-to-the-point ode to whatever the 2015 version of love is. It's the official soundtrack of Tinder hook-ups and Uber rides-of-shame. Just make sure to keep it on repeat, because all your ADHD kids need to remember what you're there for.

96. Bill Withers "Use Me" (1972)

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Album: Still Bill

Unconventional, yes. But you wanna get laid, don't you? Just go with Bill Withers. As Ladies Love Cool James once said, "conventional methods of making love kinda bore me."

95. Isley Brothers "Between the Sheets" (1983)

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Album: Between the Sheets

There's a reason they call him Mr. Biggs. I don't know what that reason is, but I imagine it has something to do with his big heart/medical condition. Either way, women find this song very "sexy." So, you should try having "sex" to it.

94. Paula Abdul "Rush Rush" (1991)

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Album: Spellbound

Paula Abdul - she of the Laker Girls, of American Idol, of her own singing and dancing careers - will go down in history (in my head and heart, at least) as having sung the defining "get busy in a car" song, "Rush Rush." So if you're looking to get laid before you get to your posturepedic, pop in that Spellbound CD that you keep in your car for such special occasions, and rush, rush.

93. Tank "My Body" (2007)

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Album: Sex, Love & Pain

Tank signed to Atlantic Records as part of the group TGT, with Ginuwine and Tyrese. The good people who monitor the world's weather systems have put out an international flood watch; they are expected water levels to rise substantially.

92. Playa "Cheers 2 U" (1998)

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Album: Cheers 2 U

Cheers 2 U for making it this far. That means you've already gotten laid seven times, right? Well, consult your physician. Too much sex in such a short amount of time can be dangerous for your health, and we're just trying to look out for you. #BeSafe

91. Avant "Makin' Good Love" (2002)

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Album: Ecstasy

When you want to do when you came to do, there's really only one option for play-by-play: Avant. He describes the action so perfectly, you'd think he was Al Michaels in a du-rag, Mike Breen with dance moves, Marv Albert with harmony, and Joe Buck if he had soul. You could always score, but isn't it better with the right call?

90. Pressha "Splackavellie" (1998)

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Album: Don't Get It Twisted

Look, just let Splackavellie do the work: "Tell me what kind of superman would make you feel good with his mouth / And kiss you from your earring to your bellychain, then go down a little further man (It's all right) / Baby ain't no shame." Not to mention, "Tell me what kind of superman would take you in his bedroom baby and hit you with some front, back, and side to side / Like hydraulics on a stormy night and break you off somethin proper like." S-P-L-A-C-K-A-V-E-L-L-I-E!

89. Marvin Gaye "I Want You" (1976)

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Album: I Want You

We're not putting "Let's Get It On" or "Sexual Healing" on this list, because clearly that's not working for you guys.

88. Beyoncé "Rocket" (2013)

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Album: Beyoncé

It's so crazy but there are people who think Beyoncé shouldn't sing about having sex now that she's a mother. A mother! Beyoncé! Can you believe it? Well, don't let this affect you and your pursuit of lovemaking: Beyoncé is gonna stay being a mother who sings about sex and you don't need to stage your own personal protest in your pants because no one cares except Mike Huckabee.

87. SWV "Come and Get Some" (1997)

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Album: Release Some Tension

Sisters With Voices. Sisters With a Lot of Direction in How They Want Their Love Made. Sisters With a Lot of Experience. Sisters With Plenty of Dirty Talk. Sisters With a Ton of Confidence. Sisters With High Esteem. Sisters With Lofty Expectations. Sisters With Voices!

86. Selena Gomez "Good for You" (2015)

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Album: Revival

Even though Selena Gomez still looks like the only dates she goes on are playdates, these days she's making music for those of us who are old enough to pee in mop buckets, egg our neighbors' houses, hot box a private jet, sneak into brothels, and all around party like Justin Bieber. Put on this specific song, and it's guaranteed that your night will be good for you.

85. Sisqó "How Can I Love U 2nite" (1999)

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Album: Unleash The Dragon

Sisqó gets a lot of gump for having silver hair, a short career, and the "Thong Song," but the man was on top for years putting out pound-the-mattress hits. Hits! Also: This song was co-written by Case, which is a fun fact to bring up when you're halfway through pounding the mattress. That's no gump.

84. Cassie "Indo (Saint Heron)" (2013)

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Album: Saint Heron

With all due respect to the Mood God Joe Budden, this is in fact Mood Music. Just don't mention that what you're listening to is by Cassie, '​cause then that'll open a pandora's box worth of questions: Where has Cassie been? Is she still dating Puffy? Why hasn't he proposed? How's Ryan Leslie doing these days? Do you think he gets tired of being asked about a girl who hasn't been his girl in over 10 years? Etc. etc. etc. And then the mood's gone. Just let the song play, damn it.

83. The-Dream "Put it Down" (2009)

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Album: Love vs. Money

It should be said: The-Dream's Love vs. Money album in its entirety can absolutely get you laid. (You know, should this list fail, you could just combine love and money: hire a streetwalker to get laid on you.)

82. Aaliyah "If Your Girl Only Knew" (1996)

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Album: One in a Million

If you're sneaking around on the down low, then get low down to this Aaliyah masterpiece, because I believe the saying goes, "Cheating is the key to a girl's heart."

81. Melanie Fiona "Give It To Me Right" (2009)

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Album: The Bridge

Throwing this song on is such a power move, like when you sit behind your boss' desk and kick your feet up on their desk, and rub a cigar out on their stupid face, and then hope to God not to get fired and/or arrested.

80. Mariah Carey "We Belong Together" (2005)

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Album: The Emancipation of Mimi

Wanna get laid? Show her your soft side by putting on Mariah's "We Belong Together," sing a couple of choice lyrics - preferably the ones about Bobby Womack and Babyface, to show that you have a good understanding of R&B - and cry like a baby after the song's over. If you do it right, she'll pity-sleep with you.

79. Shai "If I Ever Fall in Love" (1992)

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Album: If I Ever Fall in Love

"And if I ever fall in love again, I will be sure that the lady is a friend," said the four guys from Shai in 1992, having never heard of Facebook and not realizing that everyone would be their 'friend' in the future.

78. Mya f/ Sisqo "It's All About Me" (1998)

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Album: Mya

While the idea of "all me" can be construed as getting laid by yourself, this song - with all the sexual chemistry of, well, Mya and Sisqo - is actually a surefire way to get two engines in gear. Although hopefully not these two. Gross.

77. Joe "The Love Scene" (1997)

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Album: All That I Am

The chorus: "All I want to do right now is love her down / I don't give a damn about who hears the sound." Yeah! Fuck the neighbors! Just...not literally. Unless you discuss limits. Groups are always tricky.

76. Troop "All I Do is Think of You" (1989)

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Album: Attitude

If there's one cover to get you underneath her covers, it's TROOP - or Total Respect of Other People - and their take of the Jackson 5 song. By the way, if you're thinking, "Hey, what about the B5 version? I like that one better!" then you're way too young to be reading this list. Leave computer love to the adults.

75. Janelle Monáe f/ Miguel "PrimeTime" (2013)

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Album: Electric Lady

It's always great when—after a long day at the job—Janelle loosens her tie and really gets to work. See also: "Yoga," where she goes downward dog, face up with Jidenna. Yes, it's too bad it's a few dozen BPM too quick to be considered for this list, but "PrimeTime" is always must-listen.

74. Teddy Pendergrass "Turn Off the Lights" (1979)

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Album: Teddy

Not only is this a super-sexy song, destined to put you and your lover in the mood, sure to set endorphins in motion, guaranteed to seal the deal... but it's also ecologically thoughtful. Please turn off the lights. Please unplug your computer when you're about to make love. Please keep the air conditioner at 78 degrees when you're getting it on. Please don't run a half-full dish washer when you're feeling freaky.

73. Jodeci "Pump It Back" (1995)

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Album: The Show, the After Party, the Hotel

#ReebokBack #ReebokBack #ReebokBack #ReebokBack #ReebokBack

72. Isaac Hayes "The Look of Love" (1970)

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Album: ...To Be Continued

The best thing you can do tonight is keep silent as a mute. Let Issac Hayes narrate your evening, because if your lady heard this come out of your mouth, "Let this be the start of so many groovy nights like this / Let's take a lover's vow and seal this thing with a kiss," she'd laugh your out of her apartment. But when Isaac says it? You get the last laugh.

71. Toni, Tony, Tone "Lay Your Head On My Pillow" (1993)

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Album: Sons of Soul

In a different context, the words "lay your head on my pillow and just relax" might be terrifying. (Imagine a clown saying that, for instance.) But here, they are soothing. So, stop worrying so much!

70. Whitney Houston "Saving All My Love For You" (1985)

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Album: Whitney Houston

Like Whitney, this song has innocence and a rawness all in one package. Put this on, and all that love you've been saving... will soon be spent.

69. Floetry "Say Yes" (2002)

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Album: Floetic

This is one of those instances where British women are definitely suggesting absolutely filthy things in their lyrics, but it sounds perfectly fine because of their accent.

68. SWV "Weak" (1992)

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Album: It's About Time

When it's okay to make yourself feel like a man while acknowledging that a woman is weak: playing this SWV classic and you're bed-bound. When it's NOT okay to make yourself feel like a man while acknowledging that a woman is weak: during the Olympics, while watching a romantic comedy, at a funeral, at a buffet, at a high school reunion, during surgery, or really anytime ever.

67. Ginuwine "So Anxious" (1998)

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Album: 100% Ginuwine

I know this from personal experience: when you're feeling anxious, you need to remember to breathe slowly and steadily. Don't engage in any strenuous physical activity. Like sex. Enjoy the rest of this list!

66. Aaron Hall "I Miss You" (1993)

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Album: The Truth

If it seems like a lot of the R&B singers of the early 1990s sound alike, it's because -- for a time -- that was the only stimulus the female reproductive system responds to. It's science. Open a book!

65. Lenny Williams "Cause I Love You" (1978)

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Album: Spark of Love

Lenny was one of the members of the legendary funk band Tower of Power, which is a pretty good euphenism, if you ask me. Did you ask me? You should ask me. Ask me.

64. Somethin' For The People "My Love is the Shhh!" (1997)

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Album: This Time It's Personal

This song is the epitome of the mid-1990's, from the Timbaland-esque bounce to the group being named, Something for the People, to it being composed of a guy and a girl. And I love it. In fact, you're sorely mistaken if you think I won't be using 90's terms like "My love is the shhh," "You better represent," "The bomb, baby," and "Break you off something" on future first dates.

63. Mariah Carey "Can't Let Go" (1991)

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Album: Emotions

Okay, this song is guaranteed to get you laid. Mariah wraps her lips around those words, and it's just perfect. But you know what won't get you laid? Singing along.

62. The-Dream "Fruition" (2015)

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Album: Crown

The-Dream knows a thing or two (or three or four!) about attracting women and making babies. "Fruition" is the latest and greatest of his love letters, this time off his brilliant 2015 EP Crown. Thank god this wasn't released as a cassette single, because 1. the tape would be worn the hell out, and 2. it'd be way embarrassing to stop any love-making every 4:45 minutes, eject the tape, flip it over, and press play.

61. Prince "Insatiable" (1991)

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Album: Diamonds and Pearls

Prince's voice climbs up to the heavens, a jazzy flute of a falsetto that just keeps rising and rising. When you're with your woman, just make sure it's her that hits the high notes.

60. Musiq Soulchild "Love" (2000)

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Album: Aijuswanaseing

This call intersection of emotion and devotion by Musiq (formerly Musiq Soulchild) is strictly for the romantics out there. As opposed to The Romantics, the American new wave band from Detroit, who are most-famous for their song, "Talking In Your Sleep." Though I would love to hear them cover this song. Romantics Musiq.

59. Keith Sweat "Make It Last Forever" (1996)

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Album: Keith Sweat

On his hit "Slow Jamz," Twista said, "Let me get your sheets wet, listening to Keith Sweat." Do you really just want to let Twista do it? No? Then get up off your fat ass and make it happen. Honestly. Put the work in and maybe you'll see some results.

58. Janet Jackson "I Get Lonely" (1997)

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Album: The Velvet Rope

Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty.

57. Adina Howard "T-Shirt & Panties" (1997)

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Album: Booty Call Soundtrack

This was on the Booty Call soundtrack. "Say no more," you say, as you turn up your stereo and close the door...and then you press pause and step back into the hallway, because you realize you were in your bedroom by yourself. "I'm going to make a phone call," you continue, to no one in particular.

56. Changing Faces "Stroke U Up" (1994)

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Album: Changing Faces

There's nothing to consider here: Changing Faces' "Stroke U Up" will get you laid. It'll get you laid in 1994, in 2004, in 2014. There's no question about it. But when you're in post-coital conversation, here's a little topic to discuss: how exactly did the conversation go when R.Kelly wrote "Stroke U Up" for two young girls - friends since high school, who in looking for a big break, worked at a dermatologist's office by day, and recorded demos by night?

55. Luther Vandross "Here and Now" (1994)

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Album: Songs

Luther's voice is like butter: perfect in any situation, so good it's unhealthy. Spread that butter all over your lady; smooth it out. No better snack than butter in the bedroom. You know, maybe I'm talking about butter too much. It's because my girl is toast :(

54. The-Dream "Turnt Out" (2010)

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Album: Love King

If there's anyone who knows about getting laid, it's the self-proclaimed Love King, The-Dream. Just ask any of his ex-wives.

53. Usher "Nice N Slow" (1998)

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Album: My Way

"Nice N Slow" is perfect for two scenarios: one, obviously you're going to kill it in the bedroom. Two, you're going to murder karaoke. And that means only one thing: you're going to have a lot of explaining to do when you eventually go to jail.

52. Maxwell "...Til the Cops Come Knocking" (1996)

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Album: Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite

If you're smart, you'll use Maxwell's "Til the Cops Come Knockin'" as your entrance music as you make your way into the bedroom. If you're really smart, you'll use Maxwell's "Til the Cops Come Knockin'" as your entrance music as you make your way into any room: boardroom, bathroom, used car showroom, etc. What? I THOUGHT GIRLS LOVED A MAN'S SENSE OF HUMOR!

51. Art of Noise "Moments in Love" (1983)

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Album: (Who's Afraid Of?) The Art of Noise!

Who needs words? Honestly.

50. Chris Brown "Take You Down" (2008)

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Album: Exclusive

Nothing instills confidence like telling your future sex partner that this won't be your first time. Hahaha, just kidding. But she won't be listening to the lyrics when you're having sex for your first time. She'll be too busy wondering why you're jabbing it into her leg.

49. Freddie Jackson "You Are My Lady" (1985)

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Album: Rock Me Tonight

Wanna win a girl over? Call her a lady. Better yet, "My Lady." But not "M'Lady." That's bad. Don't refer to her as "Girl" or "Woman" or "Bitch." And it helps if you can sing like Freddie Jackson, but let's take it one step at a time.

48. Ready For The World "Love You Down" (1986)

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Album: Long Time Coming

Hm. "Long Time Coming" seems like a very on-the-nose album title for a song on this list, doesn't it? Do you get it? You don't get it. You're not getting it.

47. Force M.D.'s "Tender Love" (1985)

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Album: Chillin'

This song will get you so laid. SO LAID. Not just laid. Like mind-blowing, earth-shattering, life-changing laid if you play this song. JUST DON'T SHOW THE MUSIC VIDEO, because any sexiness and good will and momentum will evaporate immediately. So do yourself - and Force MD's, too, because that video had to be a death knell - and buy a copy of the song.

46. Jill Scott "All I" (2007)

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Album: The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3

Jill Scott whispers over this heartbeat, a pitter-patter tip toe voice that won't wake the baby. She sounds real sweet and innocent; typical neo-soul Jill Scott! But then it's like the chorus is, "All I dream about is making love." You know, it's always the ones you least expect.

45. En Vogue "Don't Let Go (Love)" (1996)

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Album: Set it Off

Not sure what kind of night you're in for? Perhaps you should cue up En Vogue's "Don't Let Go," which could either be taken as the girls pleading for their lovers to stay forever, or on the other hand, demanding their lovers get in shackles and get ready for some "heartbreaking, soul shaking love." It's really a fine line that these fine ladies are walking. It's a guarantee that you'll get laid to this song, but no promises on who's in charge.

44. Leon Haywood "I Want'a Do Something Freaky to You" (1975)

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Album: N/A

Dr. Dre and Snoop's "Nothin' but a G Thang" is nothing to play in the bedroom, but Leon Haywood's original -- an opus of moans and strings -- will definitely set a mood. It's as if Donna Summer's "Love to Love Ya Baby" was brought straight home from the discotheque to really get wild. Now, that's freaky.

43. Usher "Can U Handle It?" (2004)

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Album: Confessions

Usher asks "Can you handle it?" and "I'm willing to tell you everything I let stand between us." WHOA WHOA WHOA. Too much commitment, Ursh. Luckily this song is filled with all the high notes and airy chords and wind chimes and whispers needed to erase anything resembling a promise. Phew.

42. Tevin Campbell "Shhh" (1993)

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Album: I'm Ready

Tevin sounds exactly like Power Generation-era Prince, if only Prince said things like, "I'd rather do you after school like some homework -- am I getting you hot?" Shhh, Tevin. Just sing the chorus.

41. Anita Baker "Sweet Love" (1986)

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Album: Rapture

Real women don't want to babysit boys. Real women want to be taken care of by real men. Real women say miss me with that EDM. Real women want Adult Contemporary. So if you're smart, save the Pitbull, and give her some Anita Baker.

40. Babyface "Every Time I Close My Eyes" (1997)

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Album: The Moment

What is it about the sound of water flowing that just gets the blood moving in the right direction? Because as soon as this song starts...well, actually, maybe that was the sound of a rattlesnake. NB: Rattlesnakes are more scary than sexy.

39. Dru Hill "I Should Be" (2002)

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Album: Dru World Order

Dru Hill lays out the game plan for the ladies out there who are not happy: "Step 1. Walk through that door. Step 2. Tell him he's not like he was before / You don't love him anymore. Now 3. Come to me. Step 4. I love you more." And in a perfect world, those guys who've mistreated the ladies lose them to you. But sadly, this never happens outside of a music video. So how could we include it on this list, you ask?? Cause someone's getting laid tonight; it just happens to be the other guy. Great song though.

38. 112 "Cupid" (1997)

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Album: 112

This song would be higher on the list, probably, if not for 112's Slim opening up the second verse by saying, "Girl, when I ask you to trust me / That doesn't mean that I'm gonna cheat on you." So, here's a homemade cure-all: schedule a cough or a moan or something to cover up those lyrics, and then you should be good.

37. Cassie "Me & U" (2006)

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Album: Cassie

"Me & U" has long been rumored to be Cassie's 2006 ode to blowjobs, but there's yet to be confirmation, and unfortunately, no published study on any correlation between the song and getting head. So we leave it to you, loyal Complex readers: source journalism!

36. K-Ci & JoJo "All My Life" (1998)

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Album: Love Always

This song came out in 1998, when I was in eighth grade, and I remember dancing arms-length apart from some girl, thinking about making a move. Knowing what I know now, given the chance, I still wouldn't do anything, because I don't mess around with eighth grade girls. YOU READING THIS, COPS? Cool. Anyway, this song works great on adult women.

35. Sade "No Ordinary Love" (1992)

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Album: Love Deluxe

In 1992, you could be wearing Zubaz, drinking Crystal Pepsi, coming back from a Van Halen (or Van Hagar really, amiright???) concert, and still have an excellent chance to have tantric sex that very night. Why? Because you had the good sense to throw on Sade's anthem to dedication, "No Ordinary Love." And that still holds true today, 20 years later! long as you're not anywhere near Zubaz, Crystal Pepsi, or Van Halen.

34. Avant "Read Your Mind" (2003)

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Album: Private Room

"I stepped in the club in your hood / I slowly turned left, and there you stood" is a terrible way to make a first impression— absolutely terrible—but Avant redeems himself. He really does! He's a grower, not a shower, you know? Just give him a few minutes to warm himself up. Don't judge a book by the first two lines!

33. Bobby Womack "If You Think You're Lonely Now" (1981)

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Album: The Poet

Bobby Womack's 1981 powerful "If You Think You're Lonely Now" is the soulful sound of make-up sex. So maybe it's best that you engage your girl in a silly argument, before bedtime. Or, if you don't have a girlfriend, why not pick a fight with a random lady at a bar? Head back to your place, throw the stereo on, and let a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer mediate as you procreate.

32. New Edition "Can You Stand the Rain?" (1988)

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Album: Heart Break

Smooth vocals, glimmers of bells and a cracking tambourine: welcome to the quiet storm. Bring a poncho and your wellies; try not to get too wet out there. #sex

31. Soul for Real "I Don't Know" (1994)

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Album: Candy Rain

Bad news: This song wasn't a single and has been sort-of buried by the sands of time. Great news: It turns out the Soul for Real boys were old enough to be pulling out eight-minute sex jams when this was released in 1994, and not a bunch of 12-year-olds as I previously thought.

30. Mariah Carey "Always Be My Baby" (1996)

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Album: Daydream

Fun fact: this song got me through puberty. WHAT A FUN FACT, GLAD I SHARED, LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS.

29. LSG "My Body" (1997)

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Album: Levert.Sweat.Gill

Sometimes the message gets lost in translation. Well, Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill are here to get the point across: "My body all over your body, babe / Your body all over my body, babe / My body all over your body / It's your body, baby / My body all over your body, babe / Your body all over my body, babe / My body all over your body / Oh, it's your body babe."

28. Omarion "O" (2005)

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Album: O

Make fun of Omarion all you want. (We will.) But playing this song ahead of lovemaking is like finding an incredible treasure behind a heavy door by using a secret key that you want to tell all of your friends about, but then you remember that the key is Omarion so you just keep your mouth shut and never tell anyone about the key or the door or anything in general ever again.

27. Ginuwine "In Those Jeans" (2003)

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Album: The Senior

There are three proven ways to immediately get into any woman's jeans: 1. Be a tailor. 2. Be Ginuwine. 3. Play Ginuwine's music and let him work on your behalf.

26. Aaliyah "I Care for You" (2001)

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Album: Aaliyah

I don't know that this song was meant to be sexy, or even sexual, but it is. It's about a girl comforting a friend, but with the slow pacing, and the spare piano hums, and Aaliyah's float-like-a-butterfly technique...something moves.

25. Janet Jackson "Any Time, Any Place" (1993)

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Album: janet.

Anytime, anyplace, huh? Hmmm. (Note: while Complex doesn't explicitly encourage couples to attempt intercourse in public libraries, police cruisers, funeral parlors, Augusta National Golf Club, St. Patrick's Cathedral, college graduations, or voting booths, Complex will not deny you the chance to bring along a speaker system and see what happens!)

24. Ciara "Promise" (2006)

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Album: Ciara: The Evolution

Not only is the song great; not only does Ciara look incredible in the video. But it is incredibly helpful when you need help maintaining a breathing rhythm. Inhale, exhale. Not too fast, not too slow. One sec, I just a phone call.

23. TLC "Red Light Special" (1995)

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Album: CrazySexyCool

T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli believe in Women's Empowerment. And by women's empowerment, they mean that if you love your woman, then you'll LOVE your woman! And by loving your woman, they mean you better reciprocate. Call it crazy. Call it sexy. Call it cool. Just don't call it a night.

22. 112 f/ Lil' Zane "Anywhere" (1999)

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Album: Room 112

Places you can have sex, according to 112: in the shower, in the hallway (making your way back to the bed), on the kitchen floor. But don't stop there. Your home is bursting with places to get it on: in the chimney, on the toilet, inside the stove. The possibilities for sex are endless—if you truly believe in yourself, you really can do it anywhere.

21. Jodeci "Freek'n You" (1995)

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Album: The Show, the After Party, the Hotel

Jodeci, consisting of brothers Cedric & Joel Hailey and brother Donald & Dalvin DeGrate, (K-Ci, Jo-Jo, Devante Swing, and Mr. Dalvin) were all born in the United States of America, but in addition to English, they speak the language of love: "Every freaking night and every freaking day, I wanna freak you baby, in every freaking way / Every freaking day and every freaking night, I wanna freak you girl, your body's so freaking tight." And if you don't understand that, then get the hell out of our country.

20. Joe "I Wanna Know" (2000)

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Album: My Name is Joe

For as long as porn has been around, people have fret over the idea that there is no equivalent for women: too crude, too skewed for men. (In the case of "Fifty Shades of Grey," too poorly women.) Well, 1:42 into this song, there's a eureka moment: it is the exact time code that Joe says, "Baby, I'm the kind of man who shows concern. Yes, I do."

19. Prince "Purple Rain" (1984)

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Album: Purple Rain

"Purple Rain" is that perfect, soaring accompaniment for laying your lady down in slow motion. "Purple Rain" is that perfect, soaring accompaniment for loving your lady down in slow motion. And "Purple Rain" is that perfect, soaring accompaniment for leaving your lady when you're done. Just like Prince.

18. Miguel "FLESH" (2015)

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Album: Wildheart

Raw, sensual, sweaty, pushing, pulling, moaning, clawing, bending, tingling ecstasy. And that's just the artwork. But put Miguel's song "FLESH" on and you're in for the most pure sex that's ever entered your ears. Just make sure it's not just playing in your headphones, 'cause this is a shared experience.

17. Kelly Rowland "Motivation" (2011)

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Album: Here I Am

According to Wikipedia, motivation is: the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal directed behaviors. Motivation may be rooted in a basic need to minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure, or it may include specific needs such as eating and resting, or for a desired object. Similarly, Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" arouses orgasms to action.

16. Ashanti f/ Robin Thicke "Things You Make Me Do" (2008)

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Album: The Declaration

This beat alone is worth taking someone home for, cause it sure isn't about the lyrics. For those interested in what Robin Thicke is saying, remember: he's happily married. And for those interested in what Ashanti's whispering, remember: her mother still calls herself Ashanti's "Momager." But that beat? Like two keyboards just had sex.

15. Barry White "I've Got So Much to Give" (1972)

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Album: I've Got So Much To Give

A slow-swinging groove, with a saxophone dipping and strings soaring; this is that love-making riddim. And Barry White's just building, building, building from a rumble to a roar and then back down to a whisper—as much a whisper as a grizzly bear can muster—as he says "let your love flow, don't be afraid...don't be afraid." And eight minutes in, just as you're coming down from this love rollercoaster, a flute appears.

14. Case f/ Foxy Brown and Mary J. Blige "Touch Me, Tease Me" (1996)

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Album: Case

There' something about Case's 1996 banger, "Touch Me, Tease Me." Maybe it's the slowed-down sample of Schoolly D's "PSK What Does it Mean?" Maybe it's the sound of Mary J. Blige begging you not to stop; she's about to explode on the hook. Whatever it is, this song will definitely get your lady grunting like Foxy Brown.

13. Aaliyah f/ Tank "Come Over" (2001)

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Album: Aaliyah

We've all been there: the clock says way-too-late, but you're lonely (or...well, you need to see someone). So, you send a text to a long-dormant contact in your phone; a hail mary, if there ever was one. You're not desperate; you're just...okay, maybe you're desperate. But the way Aaliyah sings it here, it sounds dignified.

12. Bootsy Collins "I'd Rather Be With You" (1976)

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Album: Stretchin' Out in Bootsy's Rubber Band

Perfect for the girl who just wants to funk all night. Not to be lost in Bootsy Collins' fat bassline, or the extremely sweaty and catchy melody used later in Adina Howard's smash "Freak Like Me," is Bootsy himself talking that talk at the end of the song: "You got me. I'm coming at ya. Get ready. I'm gonna stick my love in your eye, baby. You can see me coming, baby, just comin' all over you."

11. Babyface "Whip Appeal" (1990)

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Album: Tender Lover

Babyface's "Whip Appeal" is perfect for that grown-and-sexy evening, where after two-stepping at the club, you get a lady's phone number on a napkin, take her back to your pied a terre in a rented limousine, and lay her down on the finest linen sheets that cover your waterbed, and you have a sneaking suspicion that Migos' "Fight Night" won't help you close the deal.

10. D'Angelo "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" (2000)

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Album: Voodoo

If the mere mention of D'Angelo's name makes girls' pants drop, why isn't this song number one, you ask? Because "Untitled (How Does it Feel)" is, according to D'Angelo himself, about his grandmother's cooking. And while this track is sure to get a lady in the mood, the last thing I want to think about in the bedroom is each member of my extended family at Thanksgiving, taking turns at Grandma's apple pie.

9. Minnie Riperton "Every Time He Comes Around" (1974)

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Album: Perfect Angel

This song came out in 1974, two years after Minnie gave birth to her only child, daughter Maya Rudolph. So, while these smoldering four minutes somehow didn't lead to any actual baby-making for Ms. Riperton, perhaps you'll have more proactive results. (Well, you know, as long as you're ready for a big step. Like, do you know how much time and effort and love it takes to raise a child? Maybe you should really sit down and get your ducks in order before you make such a hasty decision.)

8. Trey Songz "Panty Droppa (Intro) / Neighbors Know My Name" (2009)

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Album: Ready

Nothing says sex (or murder, for that matter) like screaming out your partner's name. So if you're gonna kill it tonight, make sure you put on some Trey Songz. For the neighbors' sake.

7. Silk "Freak Me" (1993)

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Album: Lose Control

You know how, in a lot of slow jams, there will always be the super-deep-voice guy who breaks the fourth wall with a super-serious monologue? You know how that's the sexiest part? Well, that's this entire song.

6. Keith Sweat "Nobody" (1996)

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Album: Keith Sweat

If confidence is essential to closing the deal in any business, then consider Keith Sweat like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. "Who can love you like me? Nobody. Who can sex you like me? Nobody. Who can treat you like me now, baby? Nobody. Nobody, baby. Nobody." ABC. Always be closing. Even when you're trying to get her open.

5. Brian McKnight "Anytime" (1997)

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Album: Anytime

Yes, Brian McKnight always knows exactly what to say to women to get them in the mood. (This isn't true 100 percent of the time.)

4. PARTYNEXTDOOR "Persian Rugs" (2014)

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Album: N/A

Let's be real: this entire list could just be Janet Jackson songs, but PARTYNEXTDOOR's Canadian aggression makes for a nice break in between Janet's "Moist" and "If."

3. The Weeknd "Earned It" (2015)

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Album: Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The biggest success of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie wasn't the movie itself, but rather the Weeknd's monster ballad, "Earned It," which has produced over 152 million plays on YouTube, produced countless hours of radio content, and has produced the most babies since Teddy Pendergrass' heyday. So instead of sitting through an average film this Saturday, get things poppin' by making it a Weeknd weekend.

2. Ginuwine "Pony" (1996)

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Album: Ginuwine...The Bachelor

This song oozes sex; be safe, wrap a lubricated condom on your Beats headphones. With that Budwiser-Frog Timbaland beat, and—sure—those Ginuwine vocals, this song is absolutely positively guaranteed to get you laid. You know, with a partner...or even by yourself. Honestly, if you put this on and it still ends up an uneventful evening, it's your own damn fault.

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