50 Cent on Rick Ross' Comments: "It's Desperation at the Points You Hear Something From Him"

50 throws more shots at Renzel.

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Is it 2009 again? Because 50 Cent andRick Ross are really reigniting their beef and it seems to get worse by the minute.

50 is overseas on the EFFEN Vodka Tour right now, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Tim Westwood. During their interview, Westwood runs through a history of 50’s beefs to get his thoughts on whether he won or lost them. Of course, Ross is brought up. Here’s what he said about him:

“It’s desperation at the points that you hear from him at this point,” he says. “Because if you’re looking for someone, it ain’t that hard to find me. I’m around, and I’m not used to having an altercation with law enforcement. I’m not used to saying that I’m gonna do something to a correctional officer, to a police officer or anyone who has been under oath.”

He continues, “It’s a correctional officer that is rapping like a drug dealer. It shows you that’s the point in our culture that you can identify with you actually being who you say you are doesn’t matter. That’s the point where if it sounds good, they’re find with it for a short period of time. You can tell they’re over it now, but they went for it.”

50 and Rozay have been going at each other’s necks in interviews and Instagram. Earlier today, Rozay took some shots at 50’s son, and he responded with a few jabs that were captured on TheShade Room.

The rest of the interview includes 50’s on the Drake versus Meek Mill beef and the state of hip-hop today. You can check those out below, too.

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