Drake Celebrates Rihanna's Birthday With Special Medley Performance of Their Collaborations

Drake performed a special Medley at his recent show to celebrate Rihanna's birthday.

@Drake birthday tribute to @rihanna was everything x pic.twitter.com/cWVXbXwlIl

Drake carved out part of his show in Dublin, Ireland at the 3Arena last night to wish Rihanna a happy birthday. "It's somebody's birthday today—somebody I have a lot of love for and a lot of respect for," he told the crowd about Rihanna, who turned 29 on Monday.

"Instead of singing 'Happy Birthday,' we're going to set it off just like this," he added, and proceeded to go into a medley performance highlighting their stellar collaborative work over the years.

He kicked off the medley with their chart-topping 2016 single "Work," and based on footage from the show the crowd was hyped AF. That led into their 2011 track "Take Care."

Little snippet of @Drake bday tribute to @rihanna #toogood pic.twitter.com/xf3c7y5Ssi

He also performed "Too Good."

It's no secret Drake and Rihanna have had an on-again, off-again type of relationship, and right now they seem to just be friends. Still, it's a nice gesture from Drake, and to do it on such a large platform is proof he genuinely cares for her.

On the new music tip, Drake's More Life is set to arrive soon. How soon? According to Drake's manager, Oliver El-Khatib, the next episode of OVO Sound Radio will be a special one. It's unclear if that will take place March 4—two weeks from now—or at a later date. There's a good chance when it does air, we'll finally get to enjoy More Life in full.

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