Viral Clip Shows Drake Reportedly Covering Tab for Two Women in Detroit Bar

A viral clip shows Drake reportedly covering a tab for two women's drinks in a Detroit bar, with the woman who filmed the video telling TMZ he's "courteous."

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A clip of Drake talking to a woman at a bar during a recent trip to Detroit has gone viral.

The clip shows the Toronto native drinking with two women, for whom he bought drinks, according to TMZ.

The woman with glasses—who introduces herself as Brittney—asks someone off-camera, “Want to take a shot?” Drake appears and puts his hand on Brittney’s shoulder before walking over and introducing himself to Brittney’s friend. Brittney asks Drake, “What you drinking? Light or dark? I’m a whiskey type of girl.” She orders herself a shot of Jack Daniels and asks Drake if he wants Casamigos, to which he responds, “42, please”—i.e. Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila.

Brittney took video of her drinking with Drake, telling TMZ he was “as courteous as ever.” The outlet says she “was enjoying happy hour with a friend at a local seafood restaurant when Drizzy strolled in with a couple of bodyguards.”

TMZ also reports that a new clip shows Drake at first declining to drink with Brittney because he was going to the airport, but he evidently returned and ordered her a shot of Johnny Walker rather than JD.

At the end of the video, Brittney asks Drake if he’s “having fun in the city.” He says he’s in town for business—and perhaps to the rapper’s chagrin, Brittney is indeed married.

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